Rediscovering a Classic Under the Carport

Tucked away beneath a carport for many years, a 1964 Plymouth Barracuda patiently awaits its chance to return to the open road. To embark on this restoration journey, it seeks a bold restorer willing to revive a legendary classic.

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A Mysterious Treasure

This Barracuda arrives on the scene shrouded in mystery, offering little information about its current condition. A handful of Craigslist images only add to the intrigue, leaving much to the imagination.

A Sheltered Existence

The owner’s claim of storing the car in a dry environment does provide a glimmer of hope from the perspective of rust. The insidious invasion of rust often begins in high humidity conditions. However, a word of caution is warranted; close scrutiny remains essential. The underbelly and trunk, typically susceptible to rust after prolonged inactivity, merit thorough examination. Placing the car on a lift for an in-depth inspection becomes paramount.

Unveiling the Beauty Beneath the Dust

Despite its shroud of barn dust, the Barracuda’s body appears to be in promising condition, with evident solidity and straight lines. Nonetheless, a meticulous cleaning session is the first order of business. The importance of an in-person inspection cannot be overstated. Furthermore, the seller extends an invitation to those eager to hear the Barracuda’s engine roar back to life – a battery and a container of fuel are all that’s needed.

The Heart of the Barracuda

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Under the hood, this Barracuda boasts a functional 273 V8, albeit not the original powerplant. The original 273 was replaced with a period-correct unit due to leakage issues and the need for a rebuild. Fear not, for the original engine will accompany the sale. The substituted 273 starts and runs flawlessly, reassuring potential restorers.

The Powerhouse of Its Time

In its 1964 iteration, the Barracuda offered a selection of engines. The top-tier choice was the 273 V8. The lineup also included a 170 six-cylinder unit producing a modest 101 horsepower and a 225 slant-six with a more respectable 145 horsepower. The 273 V8, boasting 180 horsepower, reigned supreme.

Customers could personalize their Barracuda with either a V8 paired with a manual or automatic transmission. Plymouth provided options including 3- and 4-speed manuals and an automatic unit for an additional $312 over the base price of $2,365 for the 1964 Barracuda.

Unearthing a Restoration Gem

This Barracuda is an enticing prospect, particularly for restoration enthusiasts. However, without a visual appraisal, the extent of the restoration required remains a mystery. A trip to Puyallup, conveniently located near Tacoma, offers a chance to unveil the Barracuda’s secrets. The price of admission to this automotive puzzle is $8,000.

Questions for the Inquisitive Buyer

Unearthing the Barracuda’s full story hinges on questions. It’s vital to ascertain if the car retains its completeness and originality, aside from the engine replacement. If you’re committed to this project, these inquiries become your guide. A clean title is already in hand, and the seller assures that the Barracuda’s appeal will be fully unveiled after a thorough wash – a claim not doubted but better substantiated with a few additional photos.

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Q1: What makes the 1964 Plymouth Barracuda special?

A1: The 1964 Barracuda is renowned for its range of engine options, including the potent 273 V8, and its offering of manual and automatic transmissions.

Q2: Is rust a concern for the Barracuda given its storage conditions?

A2: While the car was stored in a dry location, rust can still be a concern, especially in areas like the floors and trunk. An in-person inspection is advisable.

Q3: What is the price of the 1964 Barracuda?

A3: The Barracuda is available for $8,000, a reasonable starting point for a potential restoration project.

Q4: Does the car come with its original engine?

A4: No, the original 273 engine was replaced with a period-correct unit due to leakage issues. However, the original engine will be included with the sale.

Q5: What should I do if I’m interested in purchasing the Barracuda?

A5: If you’re considering the Barracuda, a trip to Puyallup near Tacoma for an in-person inspection is highly recommended. Additionally, inquire about the car’s completeness and originality, aside from the engine replacement.

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