In 1969, the Dodge Polara underwent a significant update, featuring a fresh design and safety enhancements to adhere to new government regulations.

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The Polara 500 returned as a convertible or hardtop coupe, offering a range of engine options. Choices included a fuel-efficient 225 six-cylinder unit for economy-focused drivers, while those seeking more power could opt for one of three V8s: 318, 383, or the top-tier 440.

Recently, a 1969 Dodge Polara, previously in service as a police car, appeared on eBay. The listing, managed by user robertreynolds1971, highlights intriguing features, including the original law enforcement package with lights and a siren.

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The vehicle, having served as a patrol car in Detroit, comes with Illinois police decals. While the original 318 engine has undergone repairs, it still requires further attention, exhibiting low compression and occasional running issues. The seller notes that the engine needs time to warm up.

Despite the engine challenges, the Polara’s overall condition appears promising. The body seems clean and straight, potentially owing to its time spent parked in a garage, shielding it from typical issues like rust caused by high humidity and rain.

The vehicle is considered complete, needing only periodic fixes and thorough cleaning. The odometer shows approximately 68,000 miles, suggesting it hasn’t extensively patrolled the streets. Although it’s unclear if the odometer has rolled over, the car’s original setup and good shape make this scenario unlikely.

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The owner aims for an ambitious $10,000 for the Polara police car. Bidding has reached $4,600, but an undisclosed reserve remains. To inspect the vehicle, interested buyers must visit Monticello, Illinois, where it awaits the outcome of the auction.

# FAQs

##: What are the engine options for the 1969 Polara?
The Polara for that year offered a 225 six-cylinder unit for fuel economy enthusiasts and three V8 options: 318, 383, and the powerful 440.

##  What is included in the police car package on eBay?
The listed Polara, a former police car, includes the full law enforcement package with functioning lights and a siren, although the siren requires a new switch.

## : What is the condition of the vehicle?
Despite engine issues, the overall condition is considered great. The body appears clean and straight, potentially due to garage storage, minimizing rust concerns.

## Where can the car be inspected?
Interested buyers can inspect the police car in Monticello, Illinois, where it is currently parked, awaiting the outcome of the auction.

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