Introduction of the Nova Super Sport Option

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In 1963, Chevy enthusiasts witnessed a significant milestone with the introduction of the Nova Super Sport option for the Chevy II by General Motors. Designated as RPO Z03, this enhancement marked a notable addition to the lineup, albeit with a twist. The Nova SS was initially limited to a six-cylinder engine, as V8 options were yet to debut, with their introduction slated for the following year.

Despite the initial limitation, the Nova SS became a canvas for customization. Enthusiasts, drawn to the allure of the Super Sport upgrade featuring bucket seats, a floor shifter, wheel covers, a special instrument cluster, and Super Sport emblems, often opted for a different powerhouse. Many owners, after purchasing the Nova SS, swapped the original six-cylinder engine for a V8, giving the Super Sport the performance boost it deserved, albeit through unofficial means.

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Acknowledging the growing demand for V8 power, Chevrolet responded in 1964 by introducing a 283-cubic-inch engine boasting 195 horsepower. This move addressed the desire for enhanced performance and paved the way for a new era in Nova SS customization.

Recently listed on eBay by seller jdmenk515, a 1963 Nova SS captured the attention of car enthusiasts. Notably, this specimen adheres to its original configuration, maintaining the six-cylinder engine that Chevy installed during its initial assembly.

This Nova SS stands out not only for its model year but also for its remarkable preservation. Labeled as unrestored, all-original, and unmolested, the car’s history is traced back to a single family. Purchased new by the seller’s grandfather, the vehicle transitioned to storage under the care of his father, remaining untouched since 1980.

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Despite its extended hiatus from the road, this Nova SS has weathered the years admirably. The seller assures potential buyers that rust concerns are minimal, primarily limited to surface damage. The car’s integral components, including the floors and trunk pan, appear to be in good condition.

Stored in what seems to be an optimal garage environment, this Nova SS has likely benefited from controlled humidity levels, retaining its impressive overall condition. The interior, a crucial aspect for collectors, remains in excellent shape, requiring only minor improvements.

While the seller provides no explicit details about the engine’s functionality, the car’s well-maintained exterior suggests a likely operational engine. Prospective buyers are advised to inquire about the engine’s condition and, when inspecting the vehicle in person, to involve a qualified mechanic.

Nova SS models in such pristine condition command attention in the market, and this 1963 example aligns with prevailing trends. Bidding for this classic has reached $8,000, but the reserve remains undisclosed. Located in Urbandale, Iowa, potential buyers should be prepared with a trailer for transportation.

1963 Nova SS looking for a new home

# FAQs: Nova SS 1963

**Q1: Why does the Nova SS from 1963 come with a six-cylinder engine?**
* A1: The initial release of the Nova Super Sport option in 1963 featured a six-cylinder engine as V8 options became available a year later.

**Q2: Can the Nova SS be found with a V8 engine despite the initial configuration?**
* A2: Yes, many owners, drawn to the Super Sport upgrade, opted to swap the original six-cylinder engine for a V8, enhancing the car’s performance.

**Q3: What is the significance of the 283 V8 introduced by Chevrolet in 1964?**
* A3: In response to the growing demand for V8 power, Chevrolet introduced a 283-cubic-inch engine with 195 horsepower in 1964, addressing the desire for enhanced performance in the Nova SS.

**Q4: What makes the 1963 Nova SS listed on eBay unique?**
* A4: This Nova SS is characterized as unrestored, all-original, and unmolested. It has spent its entire life with one family and remains in remarkable condition despite not being on the road since 1980.

**Q5: What should buyers be aware of regarding the Nova SS’s condition?**
* A5: The seller indicates minimal rust, primarily surface damage. The car’s interior is well-preserved, requiring only minor improvements. Prospective buyers are advised to inquire about the engine’s condition and enlist a mechanic for an in-person inspection.

**Q6: What is the current bidding status for the 1963 Nova SS on eBay?**
* A6: Bidding for the 1963 Nova SS has reached $8,000, but the reserve price has not been disclosed. The car is located in Urbandale, Iowa, and potential buyers should be prepared with a trailer for transportation.

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