In 1963, Chevrolet introduced a new-generation Corvette, marking a significant milestone with the launch of the split-window coupe. This distinctive design, featured only for a single model year, has evolved into a highly sought-after collectible. The scarcity of well-preserved coupes adds to their desirability, as many have succumbed to rust and lost the original appeal that makes them stand out.

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The same year witnessed a surge in demand for Corvettes. The production was evenly divided between the coupe and the convertible, with the latter constituting 50.76 percent of the total output. Chevrolet manufactured 10,919 convertibles and 10,594 coupes in 1963, contributing to the Corvette’s growing popularity.

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Recently, a convertible Corvette, dating back to 1963, resurfaced from a long stint in a barn. Despite sitting idle since at least 1996, the vehicle, according to the eBay seller shelbob, remains largely untouched and unrestored. Although time in storage has led to typical issues, the car still retains its original character.

Delving into the engine specifics, the current owner notes that the 327 under the hood is a “replacement block.” The operational condition is affirmed, but uncertainty lingers about whether the engine swap was a manufacturer’s replacement or the result of a previous owner’s decision. Regardless, the 327 runs smoothly, supported by a new exhaust system and potentially other replaced components.

On a positive note, the Corvette is offered without any rust issues. The straight body, free of bondo, implies minimal body repair work, apart from a complete repaint. The favorable metal condition suggests careful storage, potentially in a climate-controlled garage or an environment with reduced humidity levels that deter rust formation.

Originally part of an estate sale, the black-plate Corvette has garnered significant attention on eBay. Within a few hours online, it received 40 bids, with the top bid surpassing $40,000. Although a reserve is in place, it appears close to being met. With optimism, the Corvette is expected to find a new owner in the upcoming weekend.

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The Corvette, currently located in Independence, Oregon, boasts a functional engine. However, considering its overall condition, it is advisable to transport it on a trailer rather than attempting a long drive. While the engine is operational, the vehicle may not be entirely road-worthy, making cautious transportation a prudent choice.

1963 Corvette barn find

# FAQs

**Q1: How many 1963 split-window coupes were produced by Chevrolet?**

A1: Chevrolet manufactured 10,594 split-window coupes in 1963.

**Q2: What percentage of Corvette production in 1963 was comprised of convertibles?**

A2: Convertibles accounted for 50.76 percent of Corvette production in 1963.

**Q3: Is the convertible Corvette mentioned in good condition?**

A3: The convertible Corvette, recently discovered in a barn, has typical issues from decades of storage but is considered largely unrestored and unmolested.

**Q4: What is the current bidding status of the Corvette on eBay?**

A4: The Corvette has received 40 bids on eBay, with the top bid exceeding $40,000. A reserve is in place, and it is expected to be met soon, potentially leading to a sale over the weekend.

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