A Glimpse into Buick’s Rarity: 1965 Production Numbers

Explore the fascinating production numbers of the 1965 Buick automobiles, where only a mere 1% came equipped with manual gearboxes. Delve into the rarity of three-pedal Buicks and their current elusive status in the automotive world.

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The Pinnacle of Performance: Buick’s Wildcat in the Sixties

Discover the prominence of the Wildcat as Buick’s top-performing full-size luxury car in the sixties, transcending beyond its powerful V8 engines. Uncover the four distinctive body styles offered in 1965 and the trims available, emphasizing the exclusivity of the Wildcat Deluxe Convertible.

The Elusive Numbers: Manual Transmission Wildcat Deluxe Convertibles

Delve into the intriguing numbers surrounding the Wildcat Deluxe Convertible, especially the droptop variants with manual transmissions. Uncover the rarity of these vehicles, with only 128 out of 9,014 featuring a clutch pedal – a testament to their scarcity.

A Resurrected Gem: Ted Nagel’s 1965 Wildcat Deluxe Convertible

Witness the remarkable restoration journey of a Flame Red Wildcat Deluxe Convertible, boasting a four-speed manual transmission. Meet the passionate Buick enthusiast, Ted Nagel, who salvaged and revived this rare gem, showcasing his dedication and Buick expertise.

Unveiling the Owner: Ted Nagel’s Three-Decade Love Affair with Buicks

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Get to know Ted Nagel, a devoted Buick aficionado with nearly three decades of experience wrenching on Buicks. Explore his impressive collection of rare four-speed Tri-Shield automobiles and understand the significance of his ownership of the rare 1965 Wildcat Deluxe Convertible.

The Heart of the Wildcat: Power and Torque Dynamics

Explore the powerhouse under the hood – the Wildcat 445 – with a displacement of 401 cubic inches and an exact output of 325 horsepower. Uncover the torque rating of 445 lb-ft (603 Nm) and appreciate Buick’s early understanding of the importance of torque in automotive performance.

Driving Rarity: Challenges and Joys of Classic Ownership

Understand the challenges and joys of owning a classic like the 1965 Wildcat Deluxe Convertible. Discover why Ted Nagel, despite the rarity and difficulty in finding replacement parts, values the driving experience over occasional dust-offs in his Buick collection.

FAQs: Answers to Curious Minds

1. Q: How many manual transmission Wildcat Deluxe Convertibles were produced in 1965?
– A: Out of 9,014 Wildcat Deluxe Convertibles, only 128 featured a manual transmission – 22 with three-speed and 106 with four-speed.

2. Q: Who is Ted Nagel, and what is his connection to the Buick Wildcat?
– A: Ted Nagel is a passionate Buick enthusiast with nearly three decades of experience. He owns and restored a rare 1965 Wildcat Deluxe Convertible.

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3. Q: What is the significance of the Wildcat 445’s torque rating?
– A: The Wildcat 445’s torque rating, at 445 lb-ft (603 Nm), emphasizes Buick’s early recognition that torque plays a crucial role in automotive performance.

4. Q: How many Wildcat Deluxe Convertibles were built in 1965?
– A: In 1965, a total of 4,616 Wildcat Deluxe Convertibles were built, making this four-speed manual variant particularly rare.


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