Introduced in 1939 and produced until 1961, the Chrysler Windsor stands as a forgotten gem in automotive history, often overshadowed by its more illustrious counterparts like the New Yorker and the 300 “letter series.”

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Evolution of the Windsor

The Windsor made its debut in 1939 as an upscale variant of the Royal, featuring equipment akin to the New Yorker but powered by an inline-six engine. Discontinued during WWII in 1942, it resurfaced in 1946 with a redesign in 1949, maintaining its six-cylinder engine shared with other Chrysler brands.

In 1955, Virgil Exner spearheaded a comprehensive restyling of all Chrysler models, giving the Windsor the sleek “Forward Look” design in 1956. This overhaul also marked the introduction of the Windsor’s first V8 engine, the 300-cubic-inch Poly.

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Subsequent redesigns in 1957 and 1959 aligned the Windsor with the Town & Country and the iconic 300 “letter series.” The V8 underwent changes, evolving into a 354-cubic-inch Spitfire in 1957 and a 383-cubic-inch Wedge V8 in 1959.

The Windsor’s legacy concluded in 1961 with the introduction of the 300 non-letter series. The last-year Windsor, with a production of 17,336 units, showcased rarity, especially in the form of the two-door hardtop, of which only 2,941 were made.

 A Survivor Through 2023

Despite many Windsors succumbing to junkyards, some, like the 1961 model featured here, have endured. This particular Windsor, still in possession of its original paint and unrestored interior, stands as a testament to its longevity.

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Beneath the hood, this survivor boasts a numbers-matching 383 V8. While the engine bay may have undergone some maintenance, the original powerplant, despite its age, continues to propel the car forward, having clocked a mere 22,467 miles (36,157 km).

Though not as flashy as its counterparts, the Windsor exudes timeless elegance. Sharing a striking design with the 300G, it features a classy color combination and a formidable Wedge V8, generating 305 horsepower.

With a price tag ranging from $20,000 to $30,000 in Excellent condition, the Windsor offers an affordable entry into the classic car scene, making it an attractive option for enthusiasts seeking a unique piece of automotive history.

# FAQs

Q1: What is the Chrysler Windsor?
A: The Chrysler Windsor is a classic car model produced from 1939 to 1961, often overshadowed by more famous models like the New Yorker and the 300 “letter series.”

## Q2: How did the Windsor evolve over the years?
A: The Windsor underwent several redesigns, adopting the “Forward Look” design in 1956 and receiving its first V8 engine. It was discontinued in 1961 with the introduction of the 300 non-letter series.

## Q3: What makes the featured 1961 Windsor special?
A: The highlighted 1961 Windsor is a survivor with original paint and an unrestored interior, still equipped with its numbers-matching 383 V8 engine.

## Q4: How does the Windsor compare in terms of affordability?
A: Priced at around $20,000 to $30,000 in Excellent condition, the Windsor offers an affordable option for classic car enthusiasts, providing a captivating blend of design and performance.


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