The Icons: Road Runner, GTX, and Barracuda

When it comes to coveted Plymouths from the golden muscle car era, three models stand out: the Road Runner, GTX, and Barracuda. These Mopars have become iconic and command significant value in today’s classic car market.

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The GTX, featuring top-tier 426- and 440-cubic-inch V8 engines, distinguishes itself with a rare blend of muscle car performance and premium appointments. It outshines other midsize Mopars of its time and is particularly scarce, adding to its allure. The Road Runner, though more common, draws attention with its exclusive big-block lineup, making it highly sought-after. Meanwhile, the Barracuda, especially the 1970 and 1971 models with HEMI and 440 RB engines, enjoys the limelight, creating a rare and expensive combination.

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However, there’s more to Plymouth’s golden era than these renowned models. For those on a budget, the Valiant and Duster offer a more accessible option with nearly all the desirable features. While the Valiant lacks in styling appeal, its semi-fastback coupe counterpart, the Duster, steps up with an attractive design.

The Duster: Affordable Power and Style

Despite not offering big-block V8 engines, the Duster proves itself as a capable performer. The 1970 Duster 340, boasting 275 horsepower, could cover the quarter-mile in about 15 seconds, delivering an exhilarating driving experience. Additionally, it came in various vibrant colors from the High Impact palette, enhancing its visual appeal.

Although the Duster might seem common based on production numbers, certain versions, especially in unrestored condition, are surprisingly rare today. The range-topping 340 variant, particularly in specific High Impact colors, turns the Duster into a gem. Sassy Grass, a vivid green shade, is relatively rare, with fewer than 1% of the 1970 Dusters finished in this color.

The Rarest of Them All: Moulin Rouge Duster

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However, the rarest gem in the Duster lineup is the Moulin Rouge variant. A bright pink hue offered in 1970 as a Spring color and later as a special order in 1971, it stands out as a unique choice. Mopar experts estimate that less than 100 customers ordered a pink Duster in 1970, making it exceptionally rare.

One such rare Moulin Rouge Duster has surfaced, parked in DD Auto and Salvage yard in Logan, Utah. Despite a rough life, this two-door fastback retains most of its original pink factory paint—a remarkable feat considering the tendency for owners to repaint these unique cars over the years.

While this Mopar gem requires a full restoration, including a potential replacement for its non-matching V8, it remains relatively complete. The untouched pink paint in the trunk showcases the car’s potential allure once fully restored. This unrestored junkyard find invites a second chance at life in its original, attention-grabbing color—proof that pink, not Plum Crazy purple, reigns supreme as the most captivating color of the golden muscle car era.

1970 Plymouth Duster

# FAQs

## Q1: What makes the GTX, Road Runner, and Barracuda desirable?

These models stand out for their unique combinations of muscle car performance, premium appointments, and exclusive engine options, making them iconic in the classic car market.

## Q2: Are there more affordable alternatives to these iconic Plymouths?

Yes, the Valiant and Duster offer a budget-friendly option with many desirable features. The Duster, in particular, stands out for its performance and distinctive design.

## Q3: Why is the Moulin Rouge Duster considered so rare?

Estimates suggest that fewer than 100 customers ordered a pink Duster in 1970, contributing to its rarity. The unique Moulin Rouge color further enhances its scarcity, making it a sought-after gem among collectors.


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