In the automotive world, 1961 marked a significant milestone with the introduction of the Chevrolet Impala SS. This iconic model not only paved the way for its own success but also influenced the performance features of other Chevrolet cars like the Chevelle and Nova.

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Initially, the Super Sport package, priced at a modest $53.80, didn’t boast impressive engine enhancements. Instead, it focused on various performance upgrades unrelated to the powertrain. Over time, six-cylinder Impala SS cars became more prevalent, a puzzling choice for those who understood the essence of a Super Sport.

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Fast forward to the present, a 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS has emerged from a barn in Tennessee, eagerly awaiting a new owner. Listed on eBay by seller johnj3831, details about how long the car remained hidden remain undisclosed. Despite its covert storage, the Impala exhibits solid metal, hinting that it might not have languished in obscurity for an extended period. This bodes well for enthusiasts looking for a straightforward restoration project.

While surface rust is present in the expected areas, there is no evidence of structural decay. The interior, having already undergone restoration by a previous owner, is intact. The current owner assures potential buyers that any missing components are supplemented with extra parts, simplifying the restoration process.

One of the Impala’s standout features is its 427 big-block engine, professionally rebuilt by SK Speed Shop in Long Island. This powerhouse promises a rejuvenated performance, ready to propel the classic car back onto the road. With power steering, power front disc brakes, an aluminum radiator with dual fans, and other enhancements, this Impala sets the stage for a triumphant return.

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The Impala is on the market for $26,000, with no apparent willingness to entertain other offers. Prospective buyers keen on witnessing this automotive gem in person must journey to Levittown, New York. Despite the impressive engine overhaul, caution is advised as the car is not entirely road-ready, necessitating transport via trailer.

1961 Chevy Impala barn find

# FAQs

## How much is the 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS priced at?

The asking price for this classic Impala is $26,000, with no indication of accepting alternative offers.

## Where can I inspect the Impala?

To view the Impala in person, interested buyers need to visit Levittown, New York, as it is currently listed on eBay.

##  Is the Impala road-ready?

While the 427 big-block engine has undergone professional rebuilding, the car is not fully prepared for the road. Transport via trailer is recommended for its relocation.

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