Mach 1’s Impact on Ford’s Performance Landscape

In the automotive chronicles, the Mach 1 of 1969 stands as a watershed moment, reshaping Ford’s performance lineup and sounding the death knell for the Mustang GT. With nearly 72,500 Mach 1 units sold in its inaugural year, the GT’s meager 5,400 sales signaled a clear shift in Ford’s focus towards the high-performing Mach 1, a decision that proved instrumental in bolstering overall sales.

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A Glimpse of Revival on eBay

Recently surfacing on eBay, a Mach 1 appears poised for a triumphant return to the road after a prolonged slumber. Seller floridaframeless opts for a succinct approach, divulging essential details about the vehicle’s completeness but leaving room for speculation about its overall condition.

The Restoration Canvas – What We Know

While information remains somewhat scant, the assurance of the car’s completeness is a positive note for prospective restorers. However, the pragmatic expectation is that certain components may demand meticulous attention or full-fledged replacements due to the ravages of time.

Under the Skin – The Critical Inspection

Lacking specifics on the metal’s condition, a crucial step in evaluating this Mach 1 involves placing it on a lift for a thorough inspection of the undersides. A visual cue, the door plate revealing code 63C, validates its authenticity as a Mach 1.

The Heart of the Beast – Originality Quandary

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The original engine, a 351, still resides within the car, although its operational status remains uncertain. The question lingers: does it turn over by hand, or has it succumbed to the inevitable toll of extended dormancy? A live inspection is the only path to unraveling this intriguing mystery.

Cosmetic Echoes of the Past

Cloaked in what appears to be its original green paint, the Mach 1 bears the patina of time. A complete restoration would necessitate a respray, given the body’s endurance of the rigors of time.

Auction Dynamics – Bidding on a Legend

While the Mach 1 checks essential boxes for a restoration venture, it faces a lukewarm reception in the online bidding arena. The current bid has climbed to $6,700, with a undisclosed reserve setting the stage for potential negotiations. The Buy It Now price stands at $16,500, an indicator of the ballpark figure the owner deems justified.

Witness the Resurrection – A Journey to Palm City, Florida

For those intrigued by the prospect of reclaiming this automotive legend, a pilgrimage to Palm City, Florida, awaits. The auction’s denouement is imminent, with the listing set to expire in five days. The fate of this Mach 1 will soon be revealed, determining whether it earns a coveted second chance on the open road.


Q1: Is the Mach 1 in running condition?

A1: The status of the original 351 engine remains uncertain, demanding a live inspection to ascertain its operational state.

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Q2: What is the current bid for the Mach 1?

A2: The bidding has reached $6,700, with an undisclosed reserve in place. The Buy It Now price is set at $16,500.

Q3: Where is the Mach 1 located, and when does the auction end?

A3: The Mach 1 is parked in Palm City, Florida, and the listing is set to expire in approximately five days.

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