The Birth of a Legend – From Trim to Model

In the early ’60s, Buick redefined driving pleasure with the introduction of the Invicta subseries, a fusion of sports-car styling and the spacious comfort of a full-size family car. Born as a limited edition of 2,000 units in 1962, the Invicta evolved into the legendary Wildcat model, leaving an indelible mark on automotive history until 1970.

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The Wildcat’s Roar – A Powerful Revolution

Distinct from its Invicta lineage, the Wildcat was propelled by the formidable Wildcat 445 V8, a powerhouse that inherited its name from Buick’s ‘dream cars’ of the ’50s. Boasting 445 lb-ft of torque and 325 horsepower from the 401-cubic-inch Nailhead V8, the Wildcat exemplified Buick’s commitment to cat-like reflexes on the road.

Designing a Statement – The 1962 Wildcat’s Sporty Aesthetics

The 1962 Wildcat, a full-size Buick, set itself apart with distinctive design elements. A vinyl top, a fierce wildcat profile etched on the C-pillars, stainless-steel side and rocker panel trim, and vinyl bucket seats adorned this athletic marvel. Sporting three VentiPorts on the front fenders, the Wildcat showcased its prowess as a “three-holer,” a unique designation reserved for the range-topping Electra.

A Glimpse Inside – Unique Features of the 1962 Wildcat

The interior of the Wildcat boasted a console-mounted shift lever, positioned in close proximity to the tachometer. An illuminated 7,000-RPM indicator, though oddly placed, added to the allure. A surviving example in Canada, meticulously preserved with 89,000 miles on the clock, showcases the first-year Wildcat’s charm.

Reviving Glory – Restoring the 1962 Wildcat

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The 401-cube ‘Nailhead’ Wildcat 445 V8 has undergone a professional rebuild and detailed restoration. The car runs and drives beautifully, offering a breathtaking experience on the road. While not in concours condition, this Wildcat, number 1,724 of the inaugural 2,000-batch, exudes authenticity and is ready for a passionate owner.

For Sale – A Glimpse into Ownership

Currently up for bidding at $12,999.00 on eBay, this 1962 Buick Wildcat is a rare find. With three days left and no bids as yet, the seller transparently notes minor imperfections, offering a beautiful, honest car at an affordable price. While lacking some factory options like air conditioning, this Wildcat promises a classic driving experience with a touch of light maintenance.

FAQs: Delving Deeper into the 1962 Buick Wildcat

Q1: What sets the Wildcat apart from the Invicta subseries?

A1: The Wildcat, born from the Invicta subseries, boasted the formidable Wildcat 445 V8, setting it apart with enhanced power and sporty dynamics.

Q2: Are there specific design elements that make the 1962 Wildcat unique?

A2: Indeed, the 1962 Wildcat features a vinyl top, a wildcat profile on the C-pillars, stainless-steel trim, and vinyl bucket seats, distinguishing it from the rest of the Invicta family.

Q3: What is the current condition of the showcased Wildcat, and how much is it listed for?

A3: The showcased Wildcat, with 89,000 miles, is listed on eBay for $12,999.00. It has undergone professional restoration and is presented as a beautiful, honest car requiring some detailing and light maintenance.

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