The Distinctive E-Body Barracuda Legacy

In the realm of Plymouth Barracudas, the third generation, born on the E-body platform, stands as the epitome of automotive brilliance. Crafted under the visionary John E. Herlitz, this rendition boasted a novel design, steering away from interchangeability with its E-body sibling, the Dodge Challenger. Slightly more compact and lighter, the Barracuda solidified its unique identity.

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Power Evolution – From Humble Origins to Dominance

The spotlight of this narrative is the 1970 Barracuda coupe, initially equipped with a modest 318 ci V8 generating a respectable 230 horsepower. However, a transformative journey unfolded under the custodianship of the previous owner. A robust 440 ci V8 took center stage, boasting enhancements like a Holley HP four-barrel carburetor, Edelbrock intake manifold, aluminum cylinder heads, a Comp Cams camshaft, TTI ceramic-coated exhaust headers, and MSD ignition components. While the exact power output remains a mystery, a four-speed manual gearbox ensures a thrilling transfer of power to the rear wheels, harmonized by a stainless-steel dual-exhaust system.

A Visual Symphony – Exterior and Interior Insights

Wrapped in its original Blue Fire Metallic coat, reapplied a decade ago, the Barracuda exudes visual charisma. Exterior accents, including the metallic gray shaker hood scoop, ‘Cuda badging, and black 440 ‘hockey stick’ stripes, add a touch of muscle car allure. The interior, adorned with black vinyl seats, a coordinated headliner, and woodgrain steering wheel, strikes a balance between classic aesthetics and driving comfort. Noteworthy features include a Hurst pistol-grip shifter, lap belts, push-button AM/FM radio, and auxiliary gauges for coolant temperature and oil pressure.

On the Auction Block – Seizing the Opportunity

This Barracuda, a testament to meticulous upkeep, awaits a new owner through a bidding process, with only two days remaining. Enthusiasts seeking a blend of heritage and modernity should act swiftly to secure this automotive gem.

Performance Pursuits – Comparing the Classics

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While the featured Barracuda stands as a pristine specimen, performance purists may explore alternatives. A notable contender surfaced in September—a 1970 ‘Cuda with a HEMI V8 crate engine, boasting 525 horsepower. For those craving even more power, a supercharged 1971 Barracuda, fueled by a 6.2-liter Hemi V8 from a 2016 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, commands attention with a staggering 707 horsepower.


Q1: What is the current bid for the 1970 Barracuda Coupe?

A1: As of now, bidding is underway, and with only two days left, interested parties are encouraged to participate.

Q2: Can the exact power output of the 440 ci V8 be determined?

A2: The specific power output remains undisclosed. A live inspection might provide more insights into this aspect.

Q3: Where is the Barracuda located, and how can it be acquired?

A3: The Barracuda is available through an auction process. To witness it in person and potentially secure ownership, one must travel to the auction location. The listing is set to expire in approximately two days.

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