The Rarity of the Cyclone Spoiler II: An Elusive Classic

Enthusiasts scouring for a 1969 Cyclone often dream of stumbling upon the elusive Spoiler II, a rarity that has become nearly mythical due to its scarcity and high market prices today. Built explicitly for NASCAR, the Spoiler II featured a robust 429 Boss engine borrowed from the 1969 Boss Mustang, setting it apart from the production model, which housed a 351 Windsor engine.

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The Featured Cyclone: A Convertible Unearthed After a Decade

The Mercury Cyclone showcased in these images isn’t the coveted Spoiler II but an intriguing find nonetheless. This convertible, having spent a decade in idle repose, emerges with a 351 Windsor engine. Despite the common quirks associated with cars parked for extended periods, the Cyclone boasts a commendable condition. The convertible top is operational, the paint, though ten years old, remains decent, yet some issues like a non-opening right door and aging tires are evident.

Road-Ready Potential: Engine and Transmission Condition

Encouragingly, the Cyclone seems poised for a return to the road. The 351 engine starts smoothly, and the transmission shifts seamlessly. While the listing provides a glimpse, essential questions linger. Prospective restorers aiming for factory specifications would find an on-site inspection imperative.

Unraveling the Cyclone’s Legacy: Engine Options and Salvage Title

The 1969 Cyclone lineup featured various engine options, ranging from the 302 with 220 horsepower to the formidable 390 boasting 320 horsepower. The current Cyclone on eBay, listed by seller marth-la, carries a mysterious salvage title from many years back. The trunk floor displays signs of damage repair, suggesting potential restoration work post-salvage. The lack of clarity accentuates the need for an in-person inspection in Chula Vista, California.

The Dilemma of Desirability vs. Price: Auction Dynamics

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While the Cyclone presents itself as a compelling project, its $15,000 price tag has raised eyebrows. The auction, void of a reserve, demands a single bid to usher the car into a new home. However, with the auction clock ticking and no bidders in sight, the potential high expectations may necessitate a reevaluation of the listing, offering a chance for the Cyclone to find its rightful owner.

FAQs: Addressing Key Inquiries for Prospective Buyers

Q1: Is the Cyclone Spoiler II available in this listing?

A1: No, this listing features a 1969 Cyclone convertible with a 351 Windsor engine.

Q2: What is the condition of the convertible top?

A2: The convertible top is operational, adding to the road-ready potential of the Cyclone.

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Q3: Why does the Cyclone have a salvage title?

A3: The seller notes a salvage title from many years back but does not provide specific details. An in-person inspection is recommended for a comprehensive understanding.

Prospective buyers seeking to delve into the mysteries of this 1969 Mercury Cyclone can explore the car in person in Chula Vista, California, to make an informed decision before the auction concludes.

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