The Super Bee Era: 1968’s Automotive Marvel

In the automotive landscape of 1968, the spotlight was undeniably on the birth of the Super Bee. Despite the continued allure of the R/T, especially with the captivating Hemi engine package, the Super Bee stole the show. However, the Coronet showcased here is neither the iconic R/T nor the Super Bee, yet it claims a mysterious Hollywood connection, allegedly appearing in the 2013 film American Hustle.

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A Cinematic Mystery – Hollywood Presence Unverified

The eBay listing, managed by seller steven8740, introduces a Coronet that mimics the Super Bee’s aesthetics but demands verification of its cinematic claims. While the owner suggests it was part of a movie car package, no concrete evidence has surfaced, leaving the Hollywood connection in a veil of uncertainty.

Aesthetic Appeal Amidst Repairs – The Coronet’s Visual Condition

Visual inspection indicates the Coronet is in good condition, albeit requiring typical repairs like new lower quarters. For a comprehensive restoration, prospective buyers are urged to scrutinize the vehicle on a lift, ensuring every inch of metal is thoroughly examined for accurate condition assessment.

The Heart Beneath – A Surprising Six-Cylinder Powerplant

While the Coronet runs and drives, the surprise lies beneath the hood – a six-cylinder engine. The listing doesn’t confirm if it’s the original engine or a replacement. However, hope springs from the trunk, where the seller tantalizingly offers an additional 440 and transmission, potentially unleashing higher performance.

The Unverified Boost – An Extra 440 and a Mystery

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The included 440, the standard engine on the Coronet R/T, is equipped with a four-barrel carburetor, boasting 375 horsepower. The auction hints at an extra performance boost, but the condition of this big block remains uncertain. Prospective buyers are left with the seller’s claim of its goodness and operability, a detail requiring personal verification.

Auction Dynamics – Online Frenzy and Unlocked Reserves

The Coronet, capturing the interest of online enthusiasts, garnered four bids within hours of the auction’s initiation. As the auction approaches its climax, the highest offer stands at $13,100, yet the reserve remains undisclosed. With two days left, the fate of this cinematic Coronet hangs in the balance, awaiting a potential new owner. Visit Rustburg, Virginia, to witness this enigmatic vehicle in person.

FAQs: Unraveling the Mysteries of the 1968 Dodge Coronet

Q1: Is there concrete evidence of the Coronet’s appearance in the movie American Hustle?

A1: The seller claims a connection to the 2013 film American Hustle but suggests buyers verify this cinematic link, as no tangible evidence has been presented.

Q2: What is the current highest bid for the Coronet, and has the reserve been disclosed?

A2: The highest bid, standing at $13,100, has yet to unlock the undisclosed reserve. With two days remaining in the auction, the Coronet’s fate hangs in suspense.

Q3: What is the condition of the extra 440 included with the Coronet, and can its operability be guaranteed?

A3: The seller claims the additional 440 is in good condition and will run, but buyers are advised to personally inspect and verify its state before finalizing any purchase.

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