Ford Raptors are well-known for their ability to navigate through rough terrain with ease, from gravel roads to towering dunes. Equipped with air conditioning and a comfortable cabin, they provide a luxurious off-roading experience. On the other hand, UTVs, or side-by-sides, excel in technical off-road situations. However, both vehicles often sacrifice something to achieve their desired results, whether it be speed or luxury. This is where KNINE Racing’s Mini Raptor comes in, combining performance and luxury in one compact package.

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A Can-Am Maverick X3-Based Mini Raptor

The Mini Raptor is built atop a Can-Am Maverick X3 and features a sealed cab for a sound-proof and climate-controlled cabin. The vehicle’s styling is heavily influenced by the full-size Ford Raptor, with wide fenders and upsized BF Goodrich mud-terrain tires. Its appearance can be described as a shrunken Raptor, with the most noticeable difference being the short wheelbase for improved agility.

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The Mini Raptor weighs less than 2,500 pounds thanks to lightweight bodywork, making it ideal for traversing soft sand and other challenging terrains. While it errs more towards a UTV in terms of performance, it can outperform a full-size Raptor in terms of speed, with the ability to go from zero to 100 miles per hour without issue.

Customizable Mini Raptors

Customers have the option to customize their Mini Raptor, especially if they provide their own Can-Am for the base. The most capable Maverick X3 variant has a 195-horsepower turbocharged Rotax engine, and additional horsepower can be added thanks to the extensive off-road aftermarket. Suspension options include Fox 2.0 and Fox 3.0 Podium RC2 remote reservoir shocks, both of which have been proven in desert environments with 20 inches of travel.

Carbon composite parts, from the custom dash to the rear-mounted spare tire carrier, make each Mini Raptor a more complete package. While pricing is not explicitly listed online, expect the cost to be significant due to the custom fabrication and parts production. It may even land in full-size Raptor territory. However, it usually only takes a few modifications to make UTVs street legal, meaning your $60,000 toy doesn’t have to be limited to off-road terrain.

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Overall, KNINE Racing’s Mini Raptor is an excellent option for those seeking the best of both worlds in off-roading. It combines the luxury of a Ford Raptor with the performance of a UTV, making it a unique and exciting option for off-road enthusiasts. With its compact size and customizable features, the Mini Raptor is a great choice for those seeking a thrilling and luxurious off-roading experience.

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