It features working lights and a detailed dash.

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The ND – Woodworking Art YouTube channel showcases wood’s versatility in the hands of a skilled artist who can shape it into a variety of vehicles. The channel’s latest creation is a custom, drivable six-wheeled Rolls-Royce, which transforms from chunky blocks of wood into a car with a commanding presence. The build involves cutting and shaping the wood into recognizable Rolls-Royce features, such as the upright hood, fenders, flat hood, and truncated greenhouse. The floor is reinforced with a metal chassis, and axles, electric motor, and steering rack are installed.

After shaping the car, the team starts to add the finishing touches. They create cutouts for the headlights and taillights, and add bumper guards to give the vehicle a more rugged look. The interior features a wooden center console with working compartment doors, and wooden seats complete with brackets and removable headrests. The dashboard is intricate, featuring an illuminated dial, wooden vents, and fake knobs. Through the suicide doors, the attention to detail is impressive, with no part of the car being overlooked.

The final touches to the car were the badges, wheel logos, and a wooden version of the Rolls-Royce’s iconic Spirit of Ecstasy statue mounted on the grille. The vehicle’s trunk is fully functional, and in the video, the father and son are shown going to the market and putting flowers in the trunk.

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The ND – Woodworking Art YouTube channel has numerous videos of its various wooden creations, many of which are large enough to accommodate both an adult and a child. While plastic Jeeps can be easily purchased from big-box stores, miniature cars are becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

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