A Mysterious Treasure

A captivating 1969 Firebird project is set to find a new owner as it goes under the virtual gavel in an upcoming online auction. This intriguing classic car promises a blend of mystery and potential.

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Restorable Beauty

The Firebird, despite its enigmatic aura, presents itself as a strong contender for restoration. It ticks the essential boxes that a restoration enthusiast would seek: overall good condition and the heart-pounding presence of a V8 engine beneath the hood.

Limited Details

Regrettably, the auction house has provided only limited information about this vintage gem. We know that it boasts a respectable mileage, with just over 50,000 miles (approximately 80,000 km) on the odometer. Furthermore, it’s equipped with an automatic transmission, although the state of this crucial component remains undisclosed.

Uncertain Engine Condition

The engine compartment raises questions. Photographs reveal rust, suggesting prolonged dormancy. There’s a real possibility that the engine may have seized over time. However, a thorough evaluation by a skilled mechanic during an in-person inspection will shed more light on the V8’s condition.

A Glimpse of History

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In 1969, Pontiac produced over 87,000 Firebirds. The majority, exceeding 74,000 units, rolled off the assembly lines as 2-door coupes. A more exclusive group, approximately 11,600 units, left the factory as 2-door convertibles. The engine options ranged from a base six-cylinder to the potent 350 V8, with the 400 big-block reserved for the Trans Am.

Room for Improvement

Despite its enigmatic past, this Firebird maintains a solid structure, with additional parts included in the offering. The interior exhibits promise, albeit with a headliner displaying some rips that will demand immediate attention during restoration. A thorough interior cleaning and the removal of extraneous parts are essential to assess the cabin’s true condition accurately.

Lingering Questions

Unfortunately, several significant questions remain unanswered. It’s unclear how much of this Firebird remains in its original state or if any substantial modifications, like a rebuilt engine or a repaint, have occurred over the years. Additionally, the authenticity of the mileage is uncertain.

The Auction’s Fate

The auction, scheduled to conclude on October 3, is poised to attract enthusiasts and restorers alike. If the Firebird proves to be entirely original and the engine still roars to life, it may fetch a price shy of $10,000. However, if it necessitates a comprehensive restoration, it enters the realm of classic car projects, with comparable opportunities readily available online.

A Glorious Potential

Fully restored Firebirds, equipped with original components and in pristine condition, have been known to command impressive prices, soaring up to $100,000 for V8-powered examples.

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If you aspire to witness the enigma of this Firebird in person, a journey to Appleton awaits. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to prepare for transportation, as the car may not be roadworthy, and the engine’s operational status remains uncertain.


Q1: What is the year of manufacture of the Firebird featured in the article?

A1: The Firebird highlighted in the article is a 1969 model.

Q2: What is the mileage displayed on the Firebird’s odometer?

A2: The odometer on the Firebird shows slightly over 50,000 miles, which is approximately 80,000 kilometers.

Q3: What type of transmission does the Firebird have?

A3: The Firebird is equipped with an automatic transmission.

Q4: What is the anticipated price range for the Firebird at auction?

A4: If the Firebird is entirely original and the engine is operational, it may sell for less than $10,000. However, if it requires substantial restoration, it falls into the category of classic car projects, with similar opportunities available online.

Q5: What is the highest price a fully restored Firebird, with original components and in excellent condition, can command?

A5: A fully restored Firebird, especially one with original parts and in pristine condition, can potentially sell for up to $100,000, particularly if it features a V8 engine.

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