The Timeless Allure of BMW’s Original 6 Series

Explore the enduring charm of BMW’s original 6 Series, the E24, which made its debut in 1976 as a direct successor to the iconic E9 coupe. Delve into its distinctive 2-door coupe design and a diverse range of powerful gasoline engines.

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Reflect on the iconic 635CSi and the legendary M6, integral parts of the original 6 Series available in the U.S. Uncover the details of the M6, powered by a 3.5-liter straight-six engine with specifications varying between the U.S. and Europe.

Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe: A Distinctive Conversion

Discover the allure of the Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe, the first-ever 6 Series to undergo a full Alpina conversion. Delve into its unique features and specifications that set it apart as a rare and remarkable specimen.

Unearth the significance of car #B7-001, the Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe showcased as a promotional vehicle at the 1978 Frankfurt Motor Show. Learn about its journey, featuring in magazine articles and being part of a private collection in Germany.

Visual Splendor: Design and Exterior Details

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Appreciate the visual splendor of the Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe, adorned with a Graphite Metallic exterior, silver accents, gold pinstripes, front lip spoiler, rear decklid spoiler, Alpina badging, and distinctive 16” Alpina wheels.

Explore the opulent interiors of the Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe, boasting black leather front bucket seats with cloth inserts, air conditioning, power windows, a BOSS touchscreen head unit, Alpina-branded instrumentation, and a console plaque denoting its rarity.

Turbocharged Performance: Alpina’s Signature Touch

Dive into the performance capabilities of the Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe, featuring a turbocharged 3.0-liter M30B30 inline-six engine, adjustable boost KKK turbocharger, and Alpina-tuned elements that deliver between 250 and 300 horsepower.

Discover the exhilarating performance metrics of the Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe, including a 0-60 mph time of approximately 5.9 seconds and a top speed reaching 155 mph. Appreciate its prowess as a premium 2-door GT car, setting standards in the mid-to-late 1970s.

FAQs: Insights for Prospective Bidders and Enthusiasts

1. Q: What is the historical significance of car #B7-001?
– A: Car #B7-001 is the Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe, used as a promotional vehicle at the 1978 Frankfurt Motor Show and later part of a private collection in Germany.

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2. Q: What is the expected bidding price for the Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe?
– A: The Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe is available for bidding, with a starting price of at least $100,000.

3. Q: What distinguishes the Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe from the original M6?
– A: The Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe features a distinctive Alpina conversion, including a turbocharged engine, unique design elements, and additional luxury features, setting it apart from the original M6.

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