Barn finds, often offering a second lease of life to abandoned cars, range from daunting rust heaps to hidden treasures. In the realm of barn finds, the showcased Cadillac stands as a testament to solidity, yet with lingering mysteries that beckon detective work and a firsthand inspection to ascertain its potential for revival.

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A Puzzling Beauty: The Enigmatic 1959 Cadillac 62 Series

This Cadillac, captured in the accompanying photos, conceals its model identity, requiring a bit of VIN code deciphering. The code (59K031087) hints at it being a 62 Series, specifically identified by the letter ‘K.’ However, community engagement is invited for validation or correction.

Decoding Decades in Hibernation: The Tale of a Family-Owned Relic

Having taken refuge in storage since the early ’90s, the Cadillac’s history remains shrouded. Seller joderickso1 asserts that it remained within the same family from the showroom to storage. Originality is proclaimed, a fact that merits scrutiny, given the potential alterations classic cars often endure during their dormant years.

Authenticity Preserved: Original Paint and Factory Engine Details

Resiliently clad in its original paint, this Cadillac proudly houses its factory engine beneath the hood. Propelled by a 390 (6.4-liter) engine mated to a 4-speed Hydra-Matic automatic transmission, the powerplant, although dormant, exhibits promising signs, cranking over by hand with robust vigor.

The Price Conundrum: Evaluating the Worth of a Classic Gem

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The owner attaches a price tag of approximately $23,000 to this vintage Cadillac, a valuation that sparks contemplation. While the market value for a well-maintained 1959 Cadillac typically hovers around $15,000, the Make Offer option injects flexibility for potential buyers to negotiate the selling price.

Where Time Stands Still: The Cadillac’s Current Abode and Auction Dynamics

Situated in Yucaipa, California, this captivating piece of automotive history has already garnered the attention of 22 enthusiasts on eBay. The listing’s allure, accentuated by its family-owned legacy and originality, forecasts a swift acquisition, a testament to the rarity of unaltered 62 Series Cadillacs.


Q1: How can I confirm the model of this Cadillac?

A1: The VIN code (59K031087) points to this Cadillac being a 62 Series, with the letter ‘K’ suggesting such. Community input is welcomed for validation or correction.

Q2: Is the Cadillac’s engine in working condition?

A2: The engine is dormant but reportedly turns over vigorously by hand. A closer inspection is recommended to gauge its potential for revival.

Q3: Can the selling price be negotiated?

A3: Yes, the owner has activated the Make Offer option on eBay, allowing potential buyers to engage in discussions regarding the selling price.

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Q4: Where is the Cadillac located?

A4: The Cadillac is currently parked in Yucaipa, California.

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