Evolution of the Mustang: Birth of the GT500

Trace the evolution of the Ford Mustang from an affordable pony car to a formidable muscle car, culminating in the creation of the GT350 in collaboration with Carroll Shelby in 1965. Explore the subsequent development of the GT500 in 1967, a potent racing-inspired Mustang equipped with a powerful 428-cubic-inch V8.

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The Exceptional Rarity of the 1968 GT500

Dive into the unique characteristics of the 1968 GT500, recognized as one of the rarest and most desirable first-generation Mustangs. With only 6,916 units produced, including 1,452 GT500KR models, this Shelby stands out in the realm of classic muscle cars.

A Survivor’s Tale: One Owner, Unrestored Beauty

Discover the story behind this particular 1968 GT500, hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, and retaining a single owner since its debut. Positioned as an unrestored survivor, the muscle car underwent only a repaint around 20 years ago, preserving its original charm and character.

Time-Tested Elegance: Interior and Exterior Harmony

Appreciate the timeless elegance of the GT500’s interior, showcasing minimal wear and tear on the seats. The brown upholstery harmonizes seamlessly with the Highland Green paint, creating a visually striking and well-maintained classic.

Numbers-Matching Excellence: Engine and Transmission

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Explore the excellence of the numbers-matching 428-cubic-inch V8 engine and automatic transmission, both untouched and original. Witness the impressive condition of the engine bay, affirming the care taken to preserve the GT500’s mechanical integrity.

Rarity Redefined: Unique Combination and Options

Uncover the rarity of this specific GT500, enhanced by its distinctive combination of features. With only 38 units finished in Highland Green with Saddle Tan interior and an automatic transmission, the car becomes an even scarcer gem. The inclusion of air conditioning further solidifies its exclusivity, with only eight models sharing this unique configuration.

FAQs: Key Questions for Potential Buyers

1. Q: Is this 1968 GT500 a fully restored vehicle?
– A: No, this GT500 is an unrestored survivor, with the only modification being a repaint carried out approximately 20 years ago.

2. Q: How many owners has the GT500 had since its production?
– A: The GT500 has had only one owner since it was originally purchased, showcasing a remarkable history of care and ownership.

3. Q: What is the current bidding price for the GT500?
– A: As of the latest update, bidding has exceeded $80,000 with a reserve in place, underscoring the desirability of this iconic muscle car.

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4. Q: Are there any specific features that make this GT500 particularly rare?
– A: Yes, this GT500 is one of only 38 finished in Highland Green with Saddle Tan interior and an automatic transmission. Additionally, it is one of just eight models with the inclusion of air conditioning.

5. Q: How does the V8 engine perform, and is there a video showcasing its sound?
– A: The V8 engine runs properly, and a video is available below to let potential buyers experience the captivating sound of the GT500 on the road.

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