Unleashing American Patriotism on Wheels

The early 1970s in America were anything but subtle, and the term “understated” held no relevance. This was an era of unabashed patriotism, leading to the creation of some of the most remarkable special edition muscle cars. Enter the 1970 AMC Rebel, affectionately known as “the Machine.”

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A Bold Statement of Patriotism

Manufactured for a brief stint in 1970, the AMC Rebel sported a paint and decal scheme that left no room for subtlety. Drenched in red, white, and blue, this special edition model embodied unmistakable patriotism. With a bold red strip running the car’s length, merging into white and blue stripes over the quarter panels and trunk, it shouted its American identity loud and clear. It’s almost as if this car encapsulated the tumultuous backdrop of the early 1970s, with the Vietnam War and student protests making headlines. The Rebel Machine stands as a microcosm of American culture at that time, unapologetic and unique.

A Muscle Car That Demands Attention

Setting aside the historical context, the 1970 AMC Rebel is a 390-cubic inch V8-powered sports coupe equipped with a four-on-the-floor manual transmission. It’s the kind of car that would make any American car enthusiast’s heart race. Only around 2,326 AMC Rebel Machines rolled off the assembly line in 1970, though the actual number may be slightly lower. According to eBay sales literature, the car’s exterior underwent a meticulous restoration around a decade ago.

A Timeless Shine

Remarkably, this patriotic machine has covered less than 1,500 miles since its restoration, which explains its enduring shine and sparkle. Its paintwork rivals that of much younger vehicles, a testament to the care invested in its restoration. Additionally, the rear end has received a recent upgrade with a locking differential, enhancing its user-friendliness.

Ready to Redefine American Excess

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Imagine the Rebel Machine making a grand entrance at next year’s Fourth of July celebrations, cupholders brimming with oversized sodas and traces of hot dog feasts. It’s a vivid embodiment of American excess, presented in the most enjoyable way.


Q1: How many 1970 AMC Rebel Machines were produced?

A1: Approximately 2,326 AMC Rebel Machines were manufactured in 1970, although the actual number may be slightly lower.

Q2: Can you provide more details about the car’s restoration?

A2: Certainly. The car’s exterior underwent meticulous paint and bodywork restoration roughly ten years ago, resulting in its current remarkable condition.

Q3: What is the significance of the AMC Rebel Machine in American automotive history?

A3: The Rebel Machine is an iconic representation of the bold and unapologetic patriotism of the early 1970s American automotive industry. It encapsulates an era defined by its unique blend of excess and national pride.

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