Reviving the Legacy: 1973 Plymouth Road Runner Emerges on eBay

In the automotive landscape of 1973, Plymouth embarked on a significant restyling journey for the Road Runner, aiming to reinvigorate a model facing declining sales. Alongside this makeover, engine adjustments were introduced, marking a shift from the renowned 426 Hemi. The Road Runner, posted on eBay by seller muscovey, presents an opportunity to revive this classic with its original 340 engine.

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Evolution in Design and Drivetrain Choices

The 1973 Road Runner witnessed a departure from the powerful 426 Hemi, leaving the 440 with 280 horsepower as the top-tier option, exclusively paired with a 727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission. The base engine shifted to the 318 with 170 horsepower, ultimately becoming the favored choice for this model year.

Unveiling the eBay Find: 1973 Plymouth Road Runner

This particular Road Runner, boasting the original 340 engine, offers a matching-numbers V8, albeit currently non-operational. The owner has initiated steps toward a comprehensive overhaul, including new spark plugs and fresh coolant. While the engine turns over by hand, the prospect of revival necessitates a thorough inspection by a skilled mechanic.

Restoration Challenges and Potential

The Road Runner project, although nearly complete, appears to deviate from absolute originality. While restoring it to factory specifications is plausible, the allure of transforming this classic into a restomod becomes enticing from a restoration perspective. Rust has made its mark on typical areas, including the floors and trunk, albeit seemingly manageable with minor patches.

Decoding the Road Runner’s Mysteries: Inspection and Purchase Considerations

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Prospective buyers should approach with caution, as the extent of original components remains uncertain. An in-person inspection is recommended, considering the car’s location in South Hill, Virginia. Transportation logistics involve the use of a trailer.


Q1: What was the top-tier engine option for the 1973 Road Runner?

A1: The 440 with 280 horsepower served as the premier engine choice for the 1973 Road Runner.

Q2: What is the current condition of the Road Runner’s 340 engine?

A2: The original 340 engine turns over by hand but requires inspection by a mechanic for potential restoration.

Q3: Is the Road Runner completely original?

A3: While not confirmed, the Road Runner can potentially be restored to factory specifications, though the appeal of a restomod is evident.

Q4: Where is the Road Runner located, and how should it be transported?

A4: The Road Runner is situated in South Hill, Virginia, and transportation requires the use of a trailer.

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Q5: What is the asking price for the 1973 Plymouth Road Runner on eBay?

A5: The owner seeks $3,500 for the Road Runner, with no other offers being accepted.

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