Two Kinds of Adventurers

The world can be neatly divided into two types of people: those who’d shy away from spending extensive periods living and sleeping in a mobile home perched atop a pickup truck, and those who’d readily embrace the idea, relishing the adventure it promises. The 1959 Chevrolet Apache we’re about to introduce might not switch people from one camp to the other, but for enthusiasts of this unique scene, it represents a remarkable truck and camper pairing that’s sure to turn heads.

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A Californian Survivor

This remarkable vehicle is up for sale via a Craigslist listing in the San Fernando Valley, California. One glance at the truck’s impeccable condition hints at its Californian heritage, likely residing in the Golden State for most, if not its entire, lifespan. Many of its contemporaries from the Chevrolet Task Force line, which included light and medium-duty trucks built between 1955 and 1959, have succumbed to rust and time. However, the seller’s claim that they’ve been using and caring for this truck for over two decades is evident in its well-preserved exterior.

A Glance Under the Hood

In its heyday, Chevy Task Force trucks, including the Apache series, rolled out of the factory equipped with a variety of straight-six and V8 engines, ranging from 235 cubic inches (3.9 L) to 348 cubic inches (5.7 L). While we don’t have confirmation if this particular model boasts the NAPCO (Northwestern Auto Parts Company) “Powr-Pak” 4WD conversion kit, we do know that this truck has undergone an engine swap. It now features a 307 cubic-inch (5.03-L) small-block Chevy V8, offering a powerplant more commonly associated with late ’60s muscle cars than late ’50s light trucks.

Additional upgrades beneath the hood include a new aluminum radiator, rebuilt engine heads, and an aftermarket Edelbrock carburetor, transforming the engine bay into a scene reminiscent of a late ’60s muscle car.

A Vintage Camper Companion

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Included in the sale is a bed-mounted camper, custom-built in 1959 to complement the Apache’s rear bed specifications. While details regarding the functionality of the vintage stove, oven, or interior light fixtures are absent, bringing them back to life should be a manageable task.

Making Your Decision

With an asking price of $25,000, it might be prudent to allocate a portion of your budget for a 4G/Wi-Fi hotspot to accompany you on your adventures with this truck. Is it a worthwhile investment? The answer lies with the future owner. Will that be you?


Q1: Can you clarify if this 1959 Chevrolet Apache includes the NAPCO “Powr-Pak” 4WD conversion kit?

A1: Unfortunately, we don’t have confirmation regarding the presence of the NAPCO “Powr-Pak” 4WD conversion kit.

Q2: What engine does this 1959 Chevrolet Apache now have after the engine swap?

A2: This truck has been fitted with a 307 cubic-inch (5.03-L) small-block Chevy V8 engine, an upgrade that deviates from its original powerplant.

Q3: Are there any additional improvements under the hood of this Chevrolet Apache?

A3: Yes, the vehicle has received several upgrades, including a new aluminum radiator, rebuilt engine heads, and an aftermarket Edelbrock carburetor.

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Q4: What is included in the sale apart from the 1959 Chevrolet Apache?

A4: Alongside the truck, the sale includes a bed-mounted camper custom-built to match the Apache’s rear bed specifications, although specific details about its functionality are not provided.

Q5: Is the vintage stove, oven, and interior lighting in working order?

A5: The advertisement does not specify whether these features are in working condition, so this may require further inspection or restoration.

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