Unveiling a Vintage Gem: 1971 Plymouth Barracuda Gran Coupe on eBay

In the realm of classic cars, the Barracuda Gran Coupe emerges as a compelling model, and a 1971 specimen, showcased on eBay by seller iiman65, is seeking a new custodian after spending almost three decades in storage. The car, now in its third ownership, reveals a unique history and potential for restoration.

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A Tale of Evolution and Renewal

Originally equipped with a 318 V8, this Barracuda encountered a setback during a journey over the Tehachapi Mountains, leading to the demise of its engine. Seizing the opportunity for an upgrade, the owner replaced the ailing 318 with a rejuvenated 360 sourced from a late-’80s vehicle. While the current status of the engine’s functionality remains uncertain, the rebuilt 360 holds promise for a lively revival.

Preservation of Authenticity

Stored in a garage since 1994, the Barracuda has recently emerged, maintaining much of its originality, barring the engine and the radio. With the option to restore it to its factory glory, or embrace the existing 360 for a daily driving experience, this Gran Coupe presents a versatile canvas for automotive enthusiasts.


Q1: What caused the engine replacement in the Barracuda?

A1: The original 318 V8 faced mechanical issues during a journey over the Tehachapi Mountains, leading to its replacement with a rebuilt 360 from a newer vehicle.

Q2: Is the Barracuda’s current 360 engine operational?

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A2: While the current operational status of the 360 engine is not explicitly mentioned, it was rebuilt before installation, providing optimism about its potential functionality.

Q3: How does the Barracuda’s undersides fare after years in storage?

A3: A video inspection reveals minor problems in the floors and trunk panel, impressively resisting significant deterioration over its storage period.

Q4: Where is the Barracuda located, and how can it be acquired?

A4: The Barracuda is located in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. Prospective buyers are encouraged to visit in person and may need a trailer for transportation, considering the engine condition.

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