A Record Year for the Firebird

In 1976, the Pontiac Firebird enjoyed a stellar year, shattering previous sales records. This iconic muscle car found favor with auto enthusiasts, with Pontiac selling nearly 110,000 Firebirds. What’s even more impressive is that every model in the Firebird lineup recorded significant growth. The undeniable star of the show was the Trans Am, with nearly 47,000 units leaving the dealerships this year.

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Power and Performance

Under the hood of most Trans Ams roared the L78 400 V8 engine. Of these, around 5,400 units were equipped with manual transmissions, while a significant majority, over 33,700, featured automatic transmissions. Only a handful, around 7,500 units, boasted the potent L75 455 V8.

From Barn to eBay: The Resurrection of a Trans Am

A 1976 Trans Am, with a history that includes years of outdoor slumber, has surfaced on eBay. The signs of its extended hibernation are evident, with rust having already made inroads into the car’s metal components, potentially necessitating replacement for the floor and trunk pan.

The seller asserts that the car is 95 percent intact, a fact that might bring hope to Trans Am enthusiasts. This classic muscle car retains its original drivetrain, featuring the 400 V8 engine and the automatic gearbox that Pontiac installed when it first saw daylight.

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It remains unclear whether the engine still turns over, as years of exposure to the elements could have taken their toll. While there’s a chance the engine might be seized, a diligent mechanic might be able to resuscitate it.

Surprisingly, the interior appears to have weathered the years better than expected for a car left outdoors. While the seats exhibit the typical wear and tear, including rips, all components are still in place, and the dash appears to be unaltered.

Rust remains the most significant concern for this Trans Am. A full restoration project may require substantial time, effort, and financial investment. As such, potential owners may need to weigh the feasibility of returning this Trans Am to its former glory versus preserving it as a daily driver.

This Trans Am is currently listed on eBay with no reserve, meaning the highest bidder will have the opportunity to own it. Bidding starts at a modest $999, and with the auction only recently underway, there is ample opportunity for prospective buyers to enter the race. The vehicle is located in Gulf Shores, Alabama, awaiting a new owner to give it a second lease on life.


Q1: How many 1976 Pontiac Trans Am units were produced?

A1: The number of 1976 Pontiac Trans Am units produced reached nearly 47,000, making it a highly popular choice among enthusiasts.

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Q2: Is it possible to restore a vehicle that has been sitting in a field for many years?

A2: Restoring a vehicle that has spent an extended period outdoors is feasible, although it often involves significant work to address rust and various weather-related issues. The extent of restoration required will depend on the specific condition of the vehicle.

Q3: What is a “no-reserve” auction on eBay?

A3: A “no-reserve” auction on eBay means that there is no minimum price set for the item being auctioned. The highest bidder, regardless of the final bid amount, wins the auction and has the opportunity to purchase the item.

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