Chevrolet’s Full-Size Lineup Triumph

In the late 1950s, Chevrolet made a strategic move to focus on its full-size lineup, including models like the Bel Air, Impala, Brookwood, and Biscayne. This strategic shift paid off handsomely, as Chevrolet clinched the title of the best-selling brand in the United States in 1958, wresting it away from Ford after years of competition.

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The 1959 Chevrolet Brookwood

Introduced in 1958, the Chevrolet Brookwood hit the streets and underwent further refinements in 1959 with the arrival of a new generation. These updates mirrored the styling changes seen in the Bel Air and Impala models, featuring fresh tailfins, a revamped front end, and various interior enhancements. The engine choices, although evolving, remained consistent until 1960, when Chevrolet discontinued fuel injection.

A Barn Find on eBay

Recently, an intriguing 1959 Brookwood station wagon, which had been resting in a barn for decades, emerged on eBay. The seller, elpasoconnection, reveals little about its history but provides a visual narrative through images.

A Restoration Challenge

Upon examination, it’s evident that this Brookwood will require substantial metalwork. Notably, the floors and trunk exhibit rust damage, necessitating critical attention. While patches might suffice for some repairs, a full restoration to factory specifications would likely require replacement of entire floor pans.

Missing Components and Engine Matters

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The Brookwood is devoid of a transmission, and its engine condition remains a mystery. Given its prolonged period of dormancy, expectations of the engine’s functionality should remain conservative. However, this Brookwood currently houses a six-cylinder engine, a potentially suitable candidate for a complete restoration or restomod project.

Engine Options of the Era

The 1959 Brookwood’s Blue Flame L6 engine boasted a 235ci displacement, generating 130 horsepower. Chevrolet also offered more potent alternatives, including a 283 and a 348 big block, with the latter reaching an impressive 335 horsepower without fuel injection.

A Tempting Opportunity

Despite its weathered state and missing components, this barn find Brookwood presents an enticing opportunity. While a full restoration is one path, restomodding with an upgraded engine could be another. The 348 V8 was a highlight of the Brookwood and its sibling models, delivering remarkable power.

Pricing and Availability

This Brookwood is available for purchase at $9,700, with the option to make an offer. It’s located in El Paso, Texas, and prospective buyers should prepare to transport it with a trailer to its new home.


Q1: Can you provide more information about the history of the 1959 Chevrolet Brookwood?

A1: While the exact history of this Brookwood is limited, it was discovered in a barn, suggesting a lengthy period of storage.

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Q2: What are the immediate restoration needs for this Brookwood?

A2: Critical metalwork is required, especially for the rust-damaged floors and trunk. Restoration enthusiasts may consider full floor pan replacements.

Q3: What is the engine currently installed in the Brookwood?

A3: The Brookwood is equipped with a six-cylinder engine, although its condition is unknown due to decades of inactivity.

Q4: Are there more powerful engine options available for this Brookwood?

A4: Yes, the 1959 Brookwood was offered with more potent engines, including the impressive 348 big block, which was known for its substantial power output.

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