Evolution of the Duster: From 1970 to the Subtle Facelifts of 1972

The Plymouth Duster, initially launched in 1970, underwent subtle changes in the subsequent model years. The 1972 version, identifiable by its one-piece taillights, marked a notable phase in the Duster’s evolution, incorporating minor engine tweaks and adapting to industry standards by presenting horsepower ratings in net numbers.

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Engine Options and Originality: Unveiling the 1972 Plymouth Duster

Available with engine options such as the 225 slant-six, 318 V8, and the coveted 340, the 1972 Plymouth Duster showcased the popular choices from its earlier years. The car, featured in the accompanying photos, spent 35 years in grandma’s garage, only to resurface with impressive authenticity and a host of original features.

A Grand Reveal: The Immaculate Condition and Low Mileage

Showdown Motors, entrusted with finding a new owner, highlights the impeccable state of the Duster. With original dealer documentation, window sticker, and various newly replaced components like the fuel tank, sending unit, spoiler, brakes, and brake lines, the Duster is poised for the road. The odometer displays a mere 20,000 miles, a claim supported by the decades of garage seclusion, though potential buyers are encouraged to verify this rare low-mileage status.

Ready for the Road: A Tempting Proposition for Classic Car Enthusiasts

With its solid structure and functioning components, this Duster stands as a testament to its robust build and careful preservation. The air conditioning, spare tires, wheels, and even the original interior contribute to its authenticity. The car is described as road-ready, presenting a tempting opportunity for those who appreciate a mostly original classic car.

Ambitious Aspirations: The Price Tag and Negotiation Possibilities

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While the asking price is set at $30,000, reflecting the Duster’s condition and rarity, Showdown Motors invites potential buyers to engage in negotiations. The Make Offer option on eBay allows enthusiasts to discuss a mutually agreeable price. Located in Fraser, Michigan, the car awaits inspection, providing an opportunity for interested buyers to experience its charm firsthand.

FAQs: Navigating the Purchase of the 1972 Plymouth Duster

Q1: What distinguishes the 1972 Plymouth Duster from earlier versions?

A1: The 1972 model features one-piece taillights, marking a visual distinction from its predecessors.

Q2: What components have been replaced in the Duster’s recent revival?

A2: The Duster comes with a new fuel tank, sending unit, unused spoiler, new brakes and brake lines, enhancing its readiness for the road.

Q3: How negotiable is the asking price for the Duster?

A3: While initially listed at $30,000, Showdown Motors welcomes negotiations through the Make Offer option on eBay, providing flexibility for potential buyers.

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