The Evolution of the 1959 Plymouth Savoy

Part of the third-generation series, the 1959 Plymouth Savoy bore witness to crucial changes that elevated a model already gaining traction in the market.

Streamlining and Refining the Lineup

To appeal to the American market, Plymouth opted to streamline the lineup by discontinuing the two hardtop versions of the Savoy. This strategic move aimed to simplify choices while boosting the model’s allure. The Savoy, however, retained three enticing body styles: coupe, sedan, and station wagon.

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Seizing the Market: Savoy’s Rise

Economical, reliable, and versatile, the 1959 Plymouth Savoy captured the hearts of Americans seeking an affordable companion for various needs, from grocery runs to taxi services. Recognizing the Savoy’s robust sales in the taxi sector, Plymouth capitalized on this momentum. In 1960, they introduced the Plymouth Taxi Special, a variant based on the Savoy platform, boasting enhanced front legroom tailored to the taxi industry.

An Extraordinary Time Capsule Emerges

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This week’s Craigslist listing spotlights a captivating revelation – a 1959 Plymouth Savoy that spent an astounding 55 years tucked away in a barn. Despite its age, the vehicle’s condition is remarkably well-preserved, though rust signs are evident on the floors and various spots.

Unveiling the Rust’s Legacy

A closer look at the photos indicates that the rust hasn’t breached the metal’s surface, leaving no visible perforations. While the absence of metal patches is a relief, a thorough inspection of the undersides is still advisable to gauge potential rot. The seller mentions minimal work required, presenting a remarkable time capsule primed for restoration.

Mileage and Preservation Milestones

Notable for its pristine condition despite its 64-year journey, this Savoy’s standout feature is its mileage – a mere 25,000 miles (around 40,000 km) recorded on the odometer. The seller asserts the authenticity of these figures, as the odometer remains untampered, a rarity in itself.

The Heartbeat Within

Propelling the Savoy is a six-cylinder engine, tailored to economical driving rather than speed prowess. The third-generation Savoy’s top engine choice was the 318 (5.2-liter) V8, yet many enthusiasts opted for the straight-six, prioritizing fuel efficiency.

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A Slumber Interrupted

Interestingly, the engine no longer roars to life, but neither is it seized. This contradicts expectations considering its prolonged inactivity. This suggests the likelihood that the engine was periodically started by the owner, especially during the initial years, to preserve its vitality.

The Ticket to the Past

Priced sensibly for a vehicle of its age and astonishingly low mileage, the 1959 Plymouth Savoy seeks a new custodian at $6,500. The car rests in Davis, conveniently close to Chicago, awaiting its next chapter. To bring this relic home, a trailer is a prerequisite, ensuring the vehicle’s safe passage.


Q1: How did Plymouth streamline the 1959 Savoy lineup?

A1: To enhance appeal, Plymouth discontinued the two hardtop versions of the Savoy, simplifying the model choices while aiming to bolster its attractiveness.

Q2: What was the rationale behind the introduction of the Plymouth Taxi Special based on the Savoy?

A2: Observing the Savoy’s strong sales in the taxi sector, Plymouth capitalized on this trend by launching the Plymouth Taxi Special in 1960, tailored to the needs of the taxi industry.

Q3: What’s the significance of the Savoy’s low mileage?

A3: The 1959 Plymouth Savoy boasts a remarkably low mileage of 25,000 miles, indicated on the untampered odometer, a rarity that enhances its appeal.

Q4: Why does the engine no longer start despite its relatively well-preserved condition?

A4:Despite its long storage period, the engine’s non-operational state is likely due to periodic starts by the previous owner, possibly to maintain its functionality.


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