In 1966, Pontiac witnessed a substantial increase in production, manufacturing nearly 97,000 units compared to the previous year’s 75,000 units.

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The 2-door coupe maintained its dominance in sales, accounting for over 73,000 units, followed by the convertible with 12,798 units.

A Pontiac GTO convertible, a coveted item among wealthy collectors, recently surfaced on eBay. This particular model, complete with an all-original setup, stands out as a rare find in today’s market.

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As an unmolested GTO, this convertible boasts factory parts untouched by Pontiac since its production. Having spent its entire life in New Mexico and Nevada, rust is not a concern. The original paint has stood the test of time remarkably well for a 58-year-old vehicle, needing only a few touches to restore its shine.

The interior, also original, shows signs of wear with ripped seats and a toasted dashpad. While the cabin requires attention, a full respray of the interior might not be necessary.

Powered by the original 389, the GTO comes with a rebuilt 4-barrel carburetor. The 389 4-barrel was a popular choice in 1966, with over 77,901 customers opting for this V8 in their GTO.

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Despite a weathered convertible top, a suitable replacement is easily obtainable, given the abundance of GTO projects online. The car, ticking the essential boxes for a complete restoration, has attracted significant attention in the online auction space.

The auction, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has garnered 32 bids, driving the selling price to $12,600. However, with a reserve still in place and considering the $32,000 selling price, it’s anticipated that the top bid will need to rise significantly for this GTO to find a new home.

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, this GTO, though in working condition, is recommended to be transported on a trailer. While specific mileage details are unavailable, the exceptional condition of the car suggests it likely spent minimal time on the road.

1966 POntiac GTO

# FAQs

**Q1: Why is the Pontiac GTO convertible from 1966 considered rare?**

A1: The featured GTO is rare due to its all-original setup, including factory parts untouched since production, making it a coveted item among collectors.

**Q2: What is the condition of the interior?**

A2: The interior, though original, shows signs of wear with ripped seats and a toasted dashpad, requiring attention during a restoration project.

**Q3: What powers the GTO, and is it in good running condition?**

A3: The GTO is powered by the original 389, equipped with a rebuilt 4-barrel carburetor. The eBay seller states that it runs great.

**Q4: What is the status of the convertible top, and is it replaceable?**

A4: The convertible top is described as wrecked, but finding a correct substitute is considered an easy task, given the availability of GTO projects online.

**Q5: Where is the car located, and how can it be transported?**

A5: The car is in Las Vegas, Nevada, and despite its working engine, it is recommended to be transported on a trailer.

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