In 1959, the Chevrolet Bel Air and Impala took divergent paths despite sharing numerous features, such as styling and engine choices.

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The Impala emerged as the flagship model, representing Chevrolet’s pinnacle offering each model year. Meanwhile, the Bel Air served as a viable alternative for budget-conscious buyers seeking a full-size car that didn’t carry the premium price tag of the Impala.

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Recently, a fully restored 1960 Bel Air surfaced on eBay, seeking a new owner and sanctuary from the elements.

This Bel Air, almost a perfect 10, underwent a comprehensive restoration, addressing both aesthetics and mechanics. The paint job is impeccable, though the seller, mcintyre7144, acknowledges minor road chips that need attention. The absence of rust or rot is confirmed by lift photos, but a thorough in-person inspection is recommended to catch any potential issues.

The interior is flawlessly restored, providing a like-new experience for anyone taking the wheel of the Bel Air.

Beneath the hood lies a spotless engine paired with a rebuilt Powerglide transmission. However, the six-cylinder configuration may disappoint those expecting a massive V8 powerhouse. Despite this, the six-cylinder setup contributes to a more affordable price, with the Bel Air listed at $34,500. The owner entertains offers but asserts that a $34,500 payment secures immediate ownership.

1960 Chevy Bel Air

## FAQs: Key Information for Potential Buyers

### Q1: Why Choose the Bel Air Over the Impala?

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A: The Bel Air offers a more budget-friendly option for those seeking a full-size car, compared to the premium Impala.

### Q2: What’s the Condition of the Restoration?

A: The Bel Air underwent a professional restoration, ensuring a near-perfect exterior and a flawless interior. However, prospective buyers should address minor road chips mentioned by the seller.

### Q3: Is Rust a Concern?

A: The lift photos confirm an absence of rust or rot. Nevertheless, a personal inspection is recommended to catch any potential issues.

### Q4: What About the Engine?

A: The Bel Air is equipped with a six-cylinder engine, providing a more affordable option compared to a V8. The engine is in excellent condition, complemented by a rebuilt Powerglide transmission.

### Q5: What’s the Pricing and Purchase Process?

A: The Bel Air is priced at $34,500, with the option for potential buyers to make offers. The seller indicates that a $34,500 payment secures immediate ownership. Interested buyers can view the car in Lanesville, Indiana, and potentially drive it home after purchase.

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