A Brief Retreat and Resurgence

In 1969, Ford faced a pivotal moment when the Mach 1 soared to success, overshadowing the Mustang GT and leading to a hiatus for the latter. The numbers spoke volumes: 72,500 Mach 1s found homes, while GT sales dwindled to a mere 5,400 units. The GT was put on the backburner, only to reemerge in 1982 as a replacement for the Cobra.

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The GT’s Grand Comeback

Reintroduced with a 302 Windsor engine boasting 157 horsepower, the 1982 Mustang GT initiated a new chapter in the Mustang saga. It continued production, receiving enhancements in 1986, such as an upgraded clutch aimed at elevating its performance.

1986 Mustang GT: A Glimpse into the Past

The showcased 1986 Ford Mustang GT stands as a testament to its original design. Untouched, unmolested, and unrestored, this specimen provides a glimpse into the Mustang’s history. While not a first-gen classic, its impeccable condition, having been garage-kept throughout its life, makes it a captivating time capsule.

Preservation of Originality

The eBay listing by dare2brare emphasizes the car’s authenticity. Maintained in a climate-controlled garage with a cover, the factory red paint and original white interior have gracefully weathered time. Minor imperfections, consisting of dings and scratches, are the only blemishes in an otherwise flawless exterior.

Mechanical Prowess and Ready for the Road

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The heart of this Mustang GT is in optimal condition. With the engine starting and running like a new car, it’s a testament to both its original engineering and the care it received. Sheltered from the elements in a climate-controlled garage, it comes with the assurance of a new battery, fresh tires, and an oil change, making it road-ready.

A Collector’s Dream

Priced at $18,900, this Mustang GT embodies more than just a daily driver; it is a collector’s dream. The low mileage, standing at 35,000 miles, might tempt the owner to preserve it for special occasions. Transporting it on a trailer is recommended to maintain its pristine condition.

Act Fast: Limited Opportunity in Kansas City

Prospective buyers keen on acquiring this piece of Mustang history can witness it in person in Kansas City, Missouri. The urgency is highlighted by the fact that 25 enthusiasts are already closely monitoring the eBay listing, signifying the desirability of this well-preserved 1986 Ford Mustang GT.

FAQs: Decoding the Details

Q1: Is the 1986 Mustang GT all-original?

A1: Yes, the showcased Mustang GT is untouched, unmolested, and unrestored, preserving its originality.

Q2: What comes with the purchase of the Mustang GT?

A2: The Mustang GT includes original documentation, a new battery, fresh tires, and new oil.

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Q3: Can the Mustang GT be driven regularly?

A3: While road-ready, the low mileage at 35,000 miles might encourage the next owner to preserve it for special occasions.

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