These cars have also been neglected for decades, but some of them have finally emerged from the archives to be restored. The 1967 Pontiac Bonneville seen here is one of those cars that gets a second chance after being in storage for 40 years. This single-owner Bonneville was last registered in 1982.

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There’s no word on why it was parked, but we do know that Poncho didn’t see the sun until early 2023. That’s when the owner’s grandson took it out of storage and delivered it to him. “WD Detailing” for detailed cleaning and editing. But not before his grandmother saw the car for the first time in decades and was deeply moved. Even more so when she learns that Bonneville is getting an upgrade.

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Even though it’s been parked for four decades, the car comes out of the garage still in great shape. Yes, it’s full of dust and mud, the soft top is frayed, but the body panels are straight as arrows and don’t have much corrosion. More importantly, the Bonneville has retained all the chrome trim that made mid-1960s sedans so appealing.

Due to the rat infestation, things were a little more difficult inside the cabin and in the trunk, but everything cleaned up neatly in the end. Not only do the leather seats appear virtually new, but the dash is devoid of cracks and the floor panels are still intact.

The inside is equally impressive. The chrome rims sparkle again and the Champagne paintwork looks almost as good as new. Yes, it still has some paint stains and is far from perfect, but this Poncho has returned from the grave as a great survivor. Needless to say, the results astound the owners.

Engine selection includes five mill V8s ranging in displacement from 389 to 455 cubic inches (6.4 to 7.5 liters). The convertible was available in 1967 with a 400-cubic-inch (6.6-liter) engine with 265 to 333 hp and a 428 cubic-inch (7.0-liter) engine with 360 to 375 hp. In 1967, Pontiac sold 96,708 Bonnevilles, but only 8,902 convertibles.

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