The Plymouth Barracuda Rarity

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When discussing the third-generation Plymouth Barracuda, the spotlight often falls on the 1970-1971 HEMI ‘Cuda, a true Mopar rarity with only 780 units produced over two model years. Notably, the convertible version commands a million-dollar price tag. However, it’s not just the HEMI ‘Cuda that’s elusive. The 440-powered ‘Cudas, with only 3,000 units sold in 1970 and 1971, are also hard to come by. On the flip side, the entry-level Barracuda with the 198-cubic-inch slant-six, though less popular, adds to the scarcity with just 461 sold in 1970 and 96 in 1971.

Beyond the engines, several factors contribute to a ‘Cuda’s rarity. One such factor is color, and among the rare hues is Moulin Rouge, part of the High Impact color palette introduced in 1970. Despite being short-lived and initially aimed at attracting female buyers, only 0.5% of Barracudas sold that year were adorned in this distinctive pink shade. This rarity is further amplified by subsequent repaints by second owners.

A Pink Rarity at the 2023 Mopar Show

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At the 2023 Mopar with Big Daddy show, a meticulously restored Moulin Rouge ‘Cuda caught the eye. While the pink color might suggest an unloved rarity, this particular ‘Cuda stands out due to its original configuration—a 440-cubic-inch big-block V8 of the Six-Pack variety mated to a four-speed manual. Only 919 ‘Cudas were built with this specific drivetrain combo.

However, this ‘Cuda isn’t entirely original. The massive 440-6 engine has been stroked to 500 cubic inches and enhanced with high-performance parts, boasting an impressive 540 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. The original gearbox has been replaced with a five-speed manual. Despite these modifications, the car retains its stock appearance, making it a full-fledged sleeper.

The owner, who acquired the car in 1984, has held onto it for almost 40 years, attesting to a deep-seated affection for the bright pink muscle car. While some might critique the modifications, the longevity of ownership speaks volumes about the owner’s commitment to this unique and powerful vehicle.

1970 Plymouth 'Cuda

# FAQs

## Q1: How many Moulin Rouge Barracudas were produced?

A: Approximately 244 Moulin Rouge Barracudas were produced in 1970, constituting about 0.5% of the total Barracuda production that year.

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## Q2: How rare is the specific drivetrain combo of the showcased ‘Cuda?

A: Only 919 ‘Cudas were built with the 440-cubic-inch Six-Pack V8 and a four-speed manual, making this combination a rarity.

## Q3: Are there official records on the number of Moulin Rouge ‘Cudas with a Six-Pack engine?

A: Official records are lacking, but estimating based on the 0.5% rate suggests fewer than five cars in this configuration were produced.

## Q4: How has the showcased ‘Cuda been modified?

A: The 440-6 engine has been stroked to 500 cubic inches, generating 540 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. The original gearbox has been replaced with a five-speed manual.

## Q5: Why did the owner opt for modifications instead of maintaining originality?

A: While originality is preferred, the owner, who has possessed the car since 1984, has chosen modifications for enhanced performance. The car still maintains its stock appearance.

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