A Skyward Marvel: Factory Sky Roof Option on the 1972 Chevrolet Nova

Explore the exclusive sky roof option available only in the 1972 and 1973 Chevrolet Novas, a feature that distinguishes this vintage model and adds to its allure.

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Dive into the details of a 1972 Chevrolet Nova showcased on eBay by seller ratchevelles, boasting an all-original setup, a mere 52K miles on the odometer, and a unique factory sky roof.

Brought to Life: Mechanical Highlights and TLC for Daily Driving

Discover the Nova’s mechanical aspects, including a bored engine and automatic transmission, offering a promising start for potential buyers seeking a daily driver. Learn about recent fixes like new carpeting and reupholstered seats that enhance its roadworthiness.

Uncover the authenticity of the Nova’s odometer, reflecting the original 52,000 miles traveled. Delve into the details of the 327 engine, ensuring an all-original experience with a subtle upgrade for an optimum driving package.

Rarity in the Roof: Factory Sky Roof Production Numbers

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Explore the rarity of the factory sky roof, a distinctive feature installed on a limited number of Novas in 1972 and 1973. Delight in the historical significance and uniqueness it adds to this particular Nova, with production figures and exclusivity details.

Evaluate the overall condition of the Nova, considering its appealing mileage, factory specifications, and readiness for the road. Uncover the potential for occasional fixes to transform it into a collectible gem, with a focus on the rare factory sky roof.

FAQs: Clarifying Details for Prospective Buyers

1. Q: What makes the 1972 Chevrolet Nova unique with the factory sky roof?
– A: The factory sky roof, available for only two years, sets this Nova apart, with production numbers of around 6,800 units in 1972, adding a distinctive touch to its vintage charm.

2. Q: Is the paint on the Nova original, and what condition does it exhibit?
– A: While the paint looks good, the originality of the coat is uncertain. Some dings and scratches require attention for those aiming to achieve perfection.

3. Q: What is the selling price, and why is it a roadblock for potential buyers?
– A: The owner expects $10K for the Nova, but the bidding, yet to receive offers, involves a reserve, indicating the starting bid won’t be the final selling price. The car is available for viewing in Granby, Massachusetts, with the auction ending in approximately one week.

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