Introduced in 1967, the Cougar shared the platform with the hugely successful Mustang at the time but had its own body design with camouflaged headlights for a special flair. It also comes with a more luxurious interior, so it’s almost a luxury muscle car. Unlike the Mustang, it only has a V8 engine.

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The Cougar collection also includes a number of limited edition vehicles. The Eliminator, named after a Cougar with towing specs, is the most recognizable. But Mercury also produced the XR7-G in response to the Shelby Mustang, as well as the GT-E equipped with 427 and 428-inch (7.0-liter) large displacement engines. The latter is also the rarest, with only 264 produced in 1968.

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The 1969 Cougar seen here isn’t one of those cars, but it’s equally important thanks to its powertrain and optional package. Not only is it driven by a massive 335-horsepower 428 Super Cobra Jet engine, but it’s also paired with a 4-speed transmission and Drag Pak.

The latter, which contained the W-code 4.30:1 Traction-Lok rear axle, was responsible for bringing the Super to the Cobra Jet via heavy-duty rods, innovative balance, and an external oil cooler. Even though it’s a nasty SCJ, it can’t be identified as such outside of the hood scoop, so it’s essentially a luxury sleeper.

This Cougar, introduced by “MuscleCarOfTheWeek,” is also quite unique. Not only does it have a factory-standard interior, but this pony has a V8 428 to match its number. The Mercury has been repainted once, but the Medium Lime Metallic paint color remains the same as when new.

According to Marti Reports, the latter is particularly brilliant as it transforms this Cougar into a one-of-a-kind diamond. Now in a private collection, this Mercury passed the auction block in 2019, when it changed hands for $110,000. Needless to say, it is now significantly more valuable. Check it out in all its grandeur in the video below.

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