Racing Heritage: The 1966 Mercury Comet’s Journey on eBay

The allure of a vintage race car, a 1966 Mercury Comet, is echoed through the digital corridors of eBay. Seller dd_auto_salvage opens the door to a restoration venture, inviting a brave soul to rescue this once-proud racer.

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Unveiling the Challenger: The 1966 Mercury Comet’s Current State

Despite the toll of time and a stint as part of a 30-car collection, this Comet displays resilience. The undersides, a crucial battleground for aged vehicles, surprisingly defy expectations. Its dormant state holds a promise, and the potential for restoration becomes evident, making it a worthwhile prospect.

A Limited Tale: Seller’s Insights and Missing Pieces

Limited information from the seller adds a layer of mystery to this Comet’s history. Acquired from a collection, the car wears the scars of its racing past. Missing components, evident in the visuals, pose a challenge for prospective restorers. Deciphering the jigsaw puzzle becomes part of the allure, and for those desiring a track-centric revival, the absence of certain parts might be a boon.

Under the Hood: The Heart of the Comet

A 351 Cleveland engine from Ford now resides under the hood, a departure from its original powerhouse. The 1966 Comet, born with the racing spirit, initially boasted engine options like the 390, powering the Cyclone GT. The 351 Cleveland, while presumably still operational, hides its mysteries, awaiting an enthusiast to unravel them. Located in Logan, Utah, this Comet beckons with potential.

Bidding Battle: The Race to Save a Racer

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Bidding kicks off at a modest $1, a reflection of the unique challenge this race car poses. With approximately nine days on the clock, the fate of this Mercury Comet hangs in the balance. A Buy It Now option stands at $10,000, a gamble for those eager to secure its destiny without engaging in the bidding war. The reserve remains an enigma, adding an air of anticipation to the race against time.

FAQs: Decoding Queries for Prospective Buyers

Q1: What is the starting bid for the 1966 Mercury Comet?

A1: Bidding commences at $1, offering a chance for enthusiasts to partake in the restoration journey.

Q2: Are there missing parts, and does it affect restoration prospects?

A2: Yes, visible missing components present a challenge, especially for those eyeing a full restoration.

Q3: What engine powers the Comet now, and is it operational?

A3: A 351 Cleveland engine is currently under the hood, presumed operational, though details require in-person inspection.

Q4: Where can the Mercury Comet be inspected?

A4: Logan, Utah is the location for a firsthand assessment of this 1966 Mercury Comet.

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