A Piece of History: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am Emerges on eBay After 43 Years with One Family

In the automotive chronicles of Pontiac, 1979 stands out as a pinnacle year, especially for the Firebird lineup. Led by the iconic Trans Am, Pontiac witnessed unprecedented success, marking a historic milestone with 117,108 units shipped – a remarkable ascent from the meager 1,200 units in 1972.

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A Resilient Legacy: 1979 Trans Am’s Triumph

The 1979 Trans Am, with its powerful 403 V8 engine, emerged as the undisputed star, accounting for over 48,000 units. The T-Top variant, equipped with the same robust engine, added to the triumph with an additional 30,000 units, sealing the year as the best in Trans Am’s storied history.

Preserving Heritage: A Pristine 1979 Trans Am on eBay

Recently surfacing on eBay, a 1979 Trans Am seeks a new chapter after an incredible 43-year journey with one family. According to seller pauldingautosales, the car has been a cherished member of the same family since its purchase from a Pontiac dealership in 1979, receiving meticulous care until the previous year.

The vehicle proudly wears its history, being rust-free and showcasing an exemplary condition that goes beyond basic maintenance. Boasting various original options such as power windows and locks, Deluxe cloth interior, power steering, and power brakes, this Trans Am stands as a testament to both performance and luxury.

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The 403 V8 engine, still residing under the hood, fuels the nostalgia of Pontiac enthusiasts. Although specific details about its running condition remain undisclosed, the odometer reading of approximately 76,000 miles is claimed to be entirely original.

The asking price of $30,000 reflects the exceptional condition of this Trans Am, ready to hit the road with minimal additional work. However, the seller invites potential buyers to engage in negotiations through the Make Offer option, providing flexibility for those with alternative deals in mind.


Q1: Is the 1979 Trans Am rust-free?

A1: Yes, according to the seller, the vehicle is rust-free, sparing the new owner from dealing with typical metal damage.

Q2: What options does the 1979 Trans Am come with?

A2: The Trans Am is equipped with various options, including power windows and locks, Deluxe cloth interior, power steering, and power brakes.

Q3: Is the 403 V8 engine original to the car?

A3: Yes, the 403 V8 engine is original to the 1979 Trans Am, offering an authentic experience for the new owner.

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Q4: How can I inspect the 1979 Trans Am in person?

A4: The vehicle is located in Dallas, Georgia. Interested buyers can visit the location before the eBay listing expires in approximately two days.

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