Introduced in 1970, the original Dodge Challenger joined the muscle car scene. However, its golden-era muscle car status was short-lived. By 1972, Chrysler discontinued the high-performance engines, reshaping the Challenger’s power lineup.

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The Challenger, unlike other Dodge models, lost all big-block V8 options in 1972. The available V8 powerplants were limited to the 318- and 340-cubic-inch small-block units, producing 150 and 240 horsepower, respectively. The loss of three high-performance drivetrains, including the iconic 426-cubic-inch HEMI, marked the end of an era.

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The 1970- and 1971-model-year Challengers became the most desirable due to the discontinuation of high-performance engines. The HEMI-powered Challengers, in particular, are highly coveted, with only 356 units sold in 1970 and 71 units in 1971.

The 1971 Challenger faced a decline in sales, especially with the R/T package. Only 4,892 Challengers were ordered with the R/T package, and among them, the 340-cubic-inch V8 option was notably rare. The Citron Yella 1971 Challenger R/T 340 discussed here is one of only 1,078 units equipped with this engine.

This particular 1971 Challenger R/T underwent a complete restoration, showcasing a flawless appearance. Painted in Citron Yella, a color found on about 4.2% of Challengers in 1971, this example is one of fewer than 1,200 vehicles finished in this hue. Furthermore, only 13 units with the 340/four-speed R/T combination were likely painted in Citron Yella.

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Adding to its uniqueness, this Challenger is one of only 313 equipped with a four-speed manual transmission. Of the 1,078 R/T 340 Challengers, just 34 left the factory with the three-speed manual, making this hardtop even scarcer.

Citron Yella, while not the most common color, was more popular than some alternatives, representing approximately 4.2% of Challengers produced in 1971. However, it remains significantly rarer than more vibrant High Impact hues like Plum Crazy and Hemi Orange.


## FAQs

### FAQ 1: How many HEMI Challengers were sold in 1971?
Only 71 HEMI-powered Challengers were sold in 1971, adding to their desirability among collectors.

### FAQ 2: How many Challengers were ordered with the R/T package in 1971?
Out of the total 27,377 Challengers sold in 1971, only 4,892 were ordered with the R/T package.

### FAQ 3: What makes the Citron Yella Challenger unique?
The Citron Yella Challenger is unique due to its rare combination of a 340/four-speed R/T setup, with estimated production numbers as low as 13 units in this color.

### FAQ 4: How many Challengers in Citron Yella were produced in 1971?
While the exact number is not confirmed, most experts agree that fewer than 1,200 vehicles, including the Citron Yella Challengers, were produced in this model year.

### FAQ 5: Is there information on the originality of this Challenger?
Unfortunately, there is no information provided regarding the originality of this specific Challenger, including whether the V8 is a numbers-matching unit.

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