Car enthusiasts often can’t contain their excitement when they stumble upon a well-preserved Chevrolet Nova. These aren’t your typical dusty barn finds; we’re talking about the ones that have been carefully maintained or fully restored.

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If you’re into cars, you’ll likely appreciate the ones that come with a big V8 engine. But did you know that the first-generation Chevy Nova didn’t always boast this powerful option? In fact, the most basic Nova came with a straight-four engine. The mid-tier models were equipped with straight-six engines, while the top-of-the-line variants sported the mighty V8. The largest V8 available was the 327, which outperformed the 283 mill engine. So, which engine do you think the Nova in the picture has? If you looked at the opening image, you already know it’s the big-block V8.

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The engine in question is a 496 cubic inch (ci) powerhouse, although details about its exact output remain a mystery. It’s mated to a four-speed stick shift for that classic driving experience. Keeping this classic ride in check are disc brakes on all four corners, and it features a modern coilover suspension setup.

Interested buyers will also appreciate that this Nova has only been driven 300 miles (~480 km) since its restoration. This means you’re essentially looking at a brand-new car that’s masquerading as a 1964 model. Its visual appeal is heightened by a pristine dark blue paint job and well-maintained chrome accents. Inside, the cabin boasts black leather bucket seats with racing harnesses, and while the original gauges remain, there’s a modern radio for audiophiles.

Before you rush to see more pictures, let’s talk about the price. Brace yourself, as this 1961 Chevrolet Nova with its big-block V8 engine comes with a hefty price tag of $54,900.

1964 Chevrolet Nova
1964 Chevrolet Nova


**Q1: What engine choices were available for the Chevrolet Nova?**
A1: The first-generation Chevy Nova offered a range of engines. The base model had a straight-four, mid-tier options had straight-six engines, and the top-of-the-line models featured V8 engines, with the largest being the 327.

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**Q2: What’s under the hood of the featured Nova?**
A2: The Nova in question boasts a 496 cubic inch (ci) big-block V8 engine. The exact output is undisclosed, and it’s paired with a four-speed manual transmission.

**Q3: What’s the mileage on this Nova, and what’s its condition?**
A3: The car has only been driven 300 miles (~480 km) since its restoration, making it essentially a brand-new vehicle with a 1964 model year. Its appearance is enhanced with a clean dark blue paint finish and well-maintained chrome accents.

**Q4: What’s the interior like, and does it have any modern features?**
A4: The interior features black leather bucket seats with racing harnesses. It retains the original gauges, but it has a modern radio, making it a great choice for audiophiles.

**Q5: How much does this Chevrolet Nova cost?**
A5: The 1961 Chevrolet Nova with the big-block V8 engine is priced at $54,900.

**Q6: How does the price of this Nova compare to other new Chevrolet models?**
A6: The Nova’s price tag of $54,900 is significantly higher than entry-level models like the Malibu, which starts at $25,000, or the Camaro 2SS with an MSRP of $48,895.

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