A Meticulous Restoration Story

The spotlight is on a 1962 Chevrolet Impala, adorned with coveted SS tags, now seeking a new owner through an enticing online auction. However, beneath its sporty facade lies a secret—it’s not an authentic Super Sport but a meticulously crafted clone that underwent the restoration treatment, leaving it in near-perfect condition.

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Garage-Kept Elegance

According to eBay seller vehiclesellingsolutions, this Impala has spent its post-restoration days tucked away in a garage, maintaining its impeccable form. The interior, including exclusive SS bucket seats, has undergone restoration, presenting a flawless appearance. Apart from minor bubbles on the hood, the paint remains impressive and road-ready.

Comprehensive Overhaul

The front and rear sections have been rebuilt, drum brakes meticulously restored, and the car now boasts new tires and windshield. Enhancements include a push-button AM radio, dual exhaust, and a restored tachometer.

Powerhouse of 1962

In 1962, Chevrolet aimed to captivate Impala enthusiasts with the Super Sport upgrade. The SS package, introduced in 1961, became a $53 enhancement available for any Impala variant, regardless of the engine. The famed 348 engine was replaced with the potent 409 big-block, offered in 380 horsepower and 409 horsepower configurations.

The Heart of the Clone

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This SS clone proudly houses a rebuilt 409 engine, reflecting the owner’s commitment to delivering the pinnacle of the Super Sport experience. Featuring a dual four-barrel carburetor, it boasts the most robust powertrain available for the 1962 Impala SS. The four-speed manual transmission, also rebuilt, ensures the car ignites, runs, and drives akin to a brand-new Impala.

The Auction Drama

The bidding battlefield is alive with 35 bids already cast, but as the auction clock ticks down, the Impala’s mission to secure a new home hangs in the balance. With a reserve set, the current highest bid of $32,700 falls short, compelling potential buyers to consider a last-minute substantial offer for this automotive gem.

Future Prospects

In the likely event that the Impala SS clone remains unsold today, anticipate its return to eBay in the coming weeks. For those eager to witness this restored beauty in person, a journey to North Canton, Ohio, awaits.

FAQs: Delving Deeper into the Impala SS Clone

Q1: Is the Impala SS clone an authentic Super Sport?

A1: No, it’s a meticulously crafted clone that underwent a thorough restoration.

Q2: Where has the Impala been stored post-restoration?

A2: The car has been securely housed in a garage, maintaining its pristine condition.

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Q3: What enhancements does the restoration include?

A3: The restoration comprises rebuilt front and rear sections, meticulously restored drum brakes, new tires, windshield, a push-button AM radio, dual exhaust, and a restored tachometer.

Q4: What engine does the SS clone feature?

A4: The SS clone houses a rebuilt 409 engine, configured with a dual four-barrel carburetor for optimal performance.

Q5: Where can potential buyers inspect the Impala SS clone?

A5: Interested buyers can inspect the car in North Canton, Ohio.

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