Reviving Classic Vibes: Fully-Restored 1979 Ford Bronco Seeks a New Home

The allure of a modern Ford Bronco might not have swayed you yet, and if the prospect of rolling up your sleeves induces queasiness, a meticulously restored 1979 Ford Bronco could be the ideal remedy. This vintage beauty, fresh from a comprehensive restoration, is now on the market, boasting power steering, brakes, and a surprising powerhouse beneath its hood.

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A Glimpse Back to 1979 Bronco Excellence

The second-generation Broncos, offering V8 options like the 351 and 400 ci, have a distinct charm. However, this 1979 edition stands out with its robust 460 ci engine, linked to an automatic transmission. The exterior showcases a sand paint finish, vibrant side decals, and era-specific chrome trim, complemented by new wheels wrapped in white-branded, wide tires. The interior, sporting a classic tan, retains its original charm, steering clear of modernizations.

An Odometer Tale and Inspection Perks

Having experienced 62,920 miles, this Bronco stands as a testament to its robust history. The seller welcomes pre-purchase inspections, urging potential buyers to schedule appointments for a firsthand look. While the price tag rests at $74,900, exploring any imperfections during inspection could be your ticket to negotiation success.

The Classic vs. Contemporary Dilemma

Despite its charm, the asking price may raise eyebrows, hitting the range of a brand-new Bronco or even exceeding the cost of two entry-level models. With the 2024 Bronco lineup offering diverse MSRP brackets, ranging from $39,130 to $89,835 for the Bronco Raptor, the decision between classic nostalgia and modern innovation poses a unique dilemma.


Q1: What engine powers the 1979 Ford Bronco?

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A1: The 1979 Ford Bronco boasts a larger-than-life 460 ci engine with undisclosed output.

Q2: Can I inspect the Bronco before purchase?

A2: Yes, the seller encourages pre-purchase inspections, requiring appointments for interested buyers.

Q3: How many miles has the 1979 Ford Bronco traveled?

A3: The odometer reads 62,920 miles, reflecting the Bronco’s rich history.

Q4: Is the interior of the 1979 Bronco modernized?

A4: No, the tan interior retains its classic aesthetics, offering a nostalgic feel.

Q5: How does the cost of the 1979 Bronco compare to a new model?

A5: Priced at $74,900, the classic Bronco aligns with or exceeds the cost of modern Bronco models, creating a unique buying decision.

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