There exists a handful of automobiles throughout the years that stand out not just for their performance but also for the sheer pleasure their names bring when spoken. In this automotive enthusiast’s perspective, none surpasses the allure of the Plymouth Road Runner equipped with a Hemi powerplant and adorned with the Superbird designation.

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The Plymouth Road Runner-based Superbird holds a distinguished status as one of the rarest automotive specimens in existence. Manufactured for only one year, 1970, and in a limited quantity of just under 2,000 units, these cars have become highly coveted in the world of collectors.

The scarcity of Superbirds is such that finding one on second-hand marketplaces is a rarity in itself. Occasionally, enthusiasts catch a glimpse of these extraordinary vehicles when they surface at major auctions across the United States.

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Surprisingly, a notable event has occurred – the emergence of a particularly rare Superbird. This specimen stands out not only for its scarcity but also for housing the coveted Hemi engine, further elevating its status in the eyes of collectors.

During its production, Plymouth offered the Superbird with a trio of engine choices. While two Super Commando engines, both 440ci in size, were available, the Hemi, despite its slightly smaller 426ci displacement, emerged as the pinnacle in today’s collector’s market.

Historical records indicate that a mere 135 Superbirds were produced with the highly sought-after Hemi engine. The featured specimen proudly belongs to this exclusive club, adding an extra layer of desirability for collectors.

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This Superbird boasts originality, identified as a matching-numbers beauty. Equipped with an upgraded four-speed manual transmission, the drivetrain retains its initial power output of 425 hp, making it a genuine time capsule from the era.

While retaining the quintessential Superbird exterior with its distinctive front end and colossal rear wing, a minor downside is the color. A repaint has replaced the original, resulting in a white hue that, personally, lacks the vibrancy seen in other examples, such as the Tor-Red variant.

The interior serves as a museum of sorts, preserving all original components, including seats, door panels, instrument cluster, gauges, and the headliner, offering a glimpse into the past.

Scheduled to go under the Barrett-Jackson hammer in January 2024 in Scottsdale, this 1970 Plymouth Superbird with a Hemi engine is a no-reserve offering. Complete with the original decoder fender tag, build sheet, and body stampings, it also includes original features such as the vinyl roof, jacks, and Goodyear Polyglas tires on Rallye wheels.

# FAQs

**Q1:** How many 1970 Plymouth Superbirds with a Hemi engine were produced?

**A1:** Only 135 units of the Superbird were produced with the coveted Hemi engine.

**Q2:** What makes the featured Superbird unique?

**A2:** The featured Superbird stands out for its rarity, housing an original Hemi engine and retaining matching numbers.

**Q3:** What distinguishes the exterior of the Superbird?

**A3:** The exterior features the iconic Superbird design, with a distinctive front end and a large rear wing, albeit with a white color resulting from a repaint.

**Q4:** Is the interior of the Superbird original?

**A4:** Yes, the interior serves as a preserved museum, retaining all original components, including seats, door panels, and instrument clusters.

**Q5:** When is the Superbird scheduled for auction, and what does the offering include?

**A5:** The Superbird is set to go under the Barrett-Jackson hammer in January 2024 in Scottsdale. The offering includes the original decoder fender tag, build sheet, body stampings, vinyl roof, jacks, and Goodyear Polyglas tires on Rallye wheels.

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