A Glance Back at the 1970 Cutlass Supreme Lineup

In the 1970 Cutlass Supreme lineup, the SX option, often referred to as Code Y79, was the coveted performance package that drew the attention of enthusiasts. However, this model year had more in store, as it marked the return of the convertible body style.

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A Rarity Among Convertibles

Among the offerings in the Cutlass Supreme lineup, the convertible was the rarest gem, with only 4,867 units produced. Alongside it, you could find a two-door hardtop known as the Holiday Coupe and a four-door hardtop marketed as the Holiday Sedan.

The Tale of a Resilient Convertible

One of these rare 1970 Cutlass Supreme convertibles has surfaced on eBay, fighting for a second chance on the open road. At first glance, it may not appear as enticing as one would hope. The images hint that it has spent years exposed to the elements, perhaps rotting away in a neglected corner. The immediate expectation would be a laundry list of issues, from corroded metal to missing parts, and possibly an engine seized from neglect.

The Surprising Reality

However, this Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible has a story that defies expectations. It’s the reason for the cautious use of quotation marks in the title, as it emerges with fresh paint, a new vinyl top, well-preserved leather upholstery, and valuable features like the AM/FM stereo and original wheels.

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The owner asserts that this is an all-original and matching-numbers Cutlass Supreme. Yet, such claims should ideally be substantiated through a thorough visual inspection. Prospective buyers are encouraged to examine the vehicle in person, particularly because a car that has been in hibernation for an extended period may potentially exhibit rust issues on the floors and in the trunk.

The Heart of the Matter

Under the hood, this Cutlass Supreme convertible is said to house a 350 Rocket V8 paired with a 3-speed automatic transmission. While specific details remain undisclosed, the overall condition suggests that the powertrain could be in working order. However, to ensure accuracy, a skilled mechanic and an in-person inspection are advisable.

The Price of a Hidden Gem

Priced at $26,000, this Cutlass Supreme convertible appears to be a reasonable deal, provided it retains its original factory configuration without significant modifications. eBay seller spi_styles has also included the Make Offer option for potential buyers to explore alternative arrangements. If you’re interested in witnessing this vintage beauty in person, you’ll find it in Saint Louis, Missouri. While bringing a trailer is usually recommended, the car’s overall condition suggests it may already be road-worthy. To confirm the details, it’s best to engage in a discussion with the owner.


Q1: How rare is the 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible?

A1: The 1970 Cutlass Supreme convertible is relatively rare, with just 4,867 units produced, making it a sought-after gem among collectors.

Q2: What is the condition of the interior of this Cutlass Supreme convertible?

A2: The interior appears to be in good condition, featuring well-preserved leather upholstery, and includes sought-after features like the AM/FM stereo.

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Q3: Is the asking price of $26,000 reasonable for this classic convertible?

A3: The price seems reasonable, considering the car’s condition and originality. However, it’s advisable for potential buyers to inspect the vehicle in person to validate its claims.

Q4: What is the powertrain of this Cutlass Supreme convertible?

A4: The car is said to be equipped with a 350 Rocket V8 engine paired with a 3-speed automatic transmission. Specific details may be obtained through an in-person inspection.

Q5: Where can I see this 1970 Cutlass Supreme convertible in person?

A5: The car is located in Saint Louis, Missouri. Prospective buyers should contact the seller to arrange a viewing and discuss any additional details or logistics.

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