Unearthing a Forgotten Electric Prototype

A few years ago, the Aging Wheels YouTube channel uncovered a hidden gem in the electric vehicle world – the Electrek Uncar panel van prototype. With its brushed-DC electric motor, custom controller unit, and 16 lead acid batteries, it was a glimpse into electric vehicle technology of the 1980s, a stark contrast to today’s advanced EVs. Surprisingly, there’s more to this story, as Declan, the individual behind Aging Wheels, has another rare find in his possession – an Electrek Uncar 2+2, and it’s now available for sale.

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The Rarity of the Electrek Uncar 2+2

While Aging Wheels previously reviewed the panel van version of the Electrek Uncar, this time, it’s the even rarer 2+2 model. Only 13 of these unique EVs were ever produced, and they have a fascinating history. Manufactured in Denver, Colorado, in the 1980s, the Electrek Uncar was ahead of its time, but it struggled to gain traction due to stable gasoline prices. Consequently, only a limited number, estimated between 35 and 50 units, were built before the company’s demise. One contributing factor was the modest 32 horsepower output from the General Electric brushed DC motor.

A Quirky Mix of Components

The Electrek Uncar 2+2 had its quirks, including a four-speed manual transmission borrowed from a Volkswagen Fox, which required substantial effort for gear changes while driving. Additionally, various components from different manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, Ford, and GM, found their way into this unconventional vehicle. Despite these eccentricities, they add to the charm and uniqueness of the Uncar 2+2, reflecting the resource constraints of an early EV startup in the 1980s.

A Remarkable Journey of Restoration

This specific Electrek Uncar 2+2 has a fascinating history. Originally purchased by Arizona-based AmFab Conversions, it served as a company car before ending up in the hands of one of Unique Mobility’s former engineers in the 1990s. After a period of neglect, the car spent up to 25 years in storage. In 2019, Declan acquired it, embarking on an extensive restoration journey. Every aspect, from the fiberglass body to the white paint with blue pinstriping, underwent meticulous cleaning, mechanical refurbishment, and rejuvenation.

An EV Rarity with a $40,000 Price Tag

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For electric vehicle enthusiasts with a penchant for history and uniqueness, the asking price of $40,000 might seem justified. This Electrek Uncar 2+2 represents a rare glimpse into the early days of electric vehicles, showcasing both the challenges and pioneering spirit that paved the way for today’s modern EVs.


Q1: How many Electrek Uncar 2+2 vehicles were produced?

A1: Only 13 Electrek Uncar 2+2 models were ever manufactured, making them exceptionally rare collector’s items.

Q2: What contributed to the limited production of the Electrek Uncar?

A2:The Electrek Uncar faced limited production due to factors like stable gasoline prices in the 1980s and the modest 32 horsepower output of its electric motor.

Q3: What is the significance of the Electrek Uncar in the history of electric vehicles?

A3: The Electrek Uncar represents an early attempt at electric vehicle innovation, offering a glimpse into the challenges and uniqueness of the early electric vehicle industry.

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