The model reportedly arrives in 2024

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Every decade, Ferrari releases a hypercar that showcases the pinnacle of their technological capabilities at the time. Previous models include the F40, F50, Enzo, and LaFerrari. This spy video provides a sneak peek of what could be the next car in that lineage.

The car looks undeniably aggressive, featuring a front bumper with three massive openings, a hood that dips down in the middle with raised outer portions to accommodate the wheels, and a ducted portion that could direct air over the windshield. In profile, the car has a low-slung body, and the presence of an electricity warning sticker suggests that it may have a hybrid powertrain. A large wing extends above the rear of the car, and the cockpit appears to have space for only two occupants.

The car features a massive diffuser beneath the tail and two high-mounted exhaust pipes at the back. While there are no specific details about the powertrain available, it’s believed that the combustion engine is mounted in the middle based on the car’s body proportions.

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A leaked internal document from 2022 suggests that the new Ferrari hypercar will debut in October 2024 with an electrified setup, and the company plans to manufacture 599 units. Additionally, a track-focused XX version is expected to join the lineup in July 2026 with a limited production run of just 30 vehicles. There are also rumors of a convertible model slated for release in 2027, with the automaker planning to produce only 199 units.

From 2023 to 2026, Ferrari intends to launch 15 new models. The Purosangue crossover and this hypercar are among them. The company intends to introduce a purely electric model in 2025.

Business has been great for Ferrari. In 2022, the company delivered a record 13,221 vehicles, which was over 2,000 cars more than in 2021. The automaker’s net profit reached a new high of €939 million ($1.024 billion at current exchange rates).

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