The pressure was definitely on to bring this icon back to its former glory.

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To perfect a Ferrari F40 in detail is no easy task, but it is a work of love for those who appreciate the legendary sports car. The F40 is a true icon in the automotive world and is considered by many to be the ultimate Ferrari. The combination of raw energy and advanced technology makes it a true engineering masterpiece.

The F40 is a car that demands attention and respect, and it’s not hard to see why it’s so beloved by car enthusiasts. In fact, it’s almost natural for a Ferrari collector to have one in his garage, like this $15 million Ferrari collection in Europe.

I AM Detailing was lucky enough to have the opportunity to detail a 1992 F40 before it went on sale in Arizona, where it auctioned for $2,150,000. Pressure has certainly mounted on California-based detailers.

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With about 19,697 km (12,239 miles) on clock, the legendary sports car needs some TLC to return it to its former glory. Detailers begin with a deep paint correction, which involves carefully examining every inch of the vehicle and correcting any imperfections in the paintwork. This process is important to bring out the true beauty of the vehicle and ensure it looks its best.

After the paint correction, they moved on to the interior of the car. they took great care to polish the steering wheel and shift the knob, clean the leather, and scrub down all the air vents. The F40’s interior is a testament to the attention to detail that Ferrari is known for, and it was important that it looked as good as new.

To ensure that the car was in tip-top shape, I AM Detailing also performed a light dry ice cleaning. This process is a gentle and effective way to remove dirt and grime from hard-to-reach areas of the car, making sure that every inch of the F40 was spotless. The rest of the process was presented in the video embedded above.

Sources: I Am Detailing via YouTube, RM Sotheby’s

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