A Turning Point for Corvette: The Debut of the C3

In the annals of Corvette history, 1968 emerges as a pivotal year for two significant reasons. Firstly, it marked the introduction of the C3, a model that would inevitably elevate Chevrolet’s reputation to unprecedented heights. Secondly, it ignited record-breaking sales, with General Motors successfully retailing over 28,500 units within a mere year. This surge marked an impressive increase of approximately 5,000 units from the preceding year, solidifying the Corvette’s ascent to superstardom.

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The Convertible Domination and Engine Elegance

Among the Vettes that graced the assembly lines during this period, a majority (around 18,600) flaunted a convertible body style, highlighting the enduring allure of open-top motoring. The coupe, constituting less than 35 percent of the production, yielded fewer than 10,000 units that embraced the charm of a removable top.

The L79 Legacy: Balancing Performance and Efficiency

The L79 engine emerged as a crowd favorite, with a displacement of 327 cubic inches (5.7 liters) and an impressive output of 350 horsepower. While not as muscular as the L36 or L68 counterparts, the L79 harmonized performance and economical driving, becoming an optimal choice for enthusiasts seeking a balanced driving experience.

Unearthing the Elusive L88

Among the engine configurations, the L88 (427 ci with 435 horsepower) stands as the rarest gem, with only around 80 cars believed to have been equipped with this high-powered configuration, rendering it a coveted collector’s delight.

The Tale of the 1968 Corvette on eBay

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Presently gracing eBay’s listings is a 1968 Corvette, presented by the seller mminc8p3r, that originally boasted the L79 engine. However, time has dealt a heavy blow to the once-glorious V8 powerplant, rendering it inoperable due to a lengthy roadside hiatus spanning almost four decades. The last roadworthy chapter of this Corvette’s journey dates back to 1986, a fact that aligns with its current rugged state.

A Second Chance for Restoration

The offered photographs on eBay unveil a Corvette that holds the promise of restoration, albeit with substantial efforts required before it regains its former glory on the open road. While the corrosion has not inflicted extensive harm, it is prudent to meticulously examine the undercarriage, specifically the floors and frame, for any hidden surprises.

A Glimpse into the Past: Interior Mysteries

The interior, absent of its dashboard, indicates that this 1968 Corvette possibly served as a donor for another automotive endeavor. This underscores the need for a comprehensive inspection of every facet, as potential missing components warrant due diligence.

The Intrigue of the Seized Vette

While the 1968 Corvette’s allure and potential for revival remain intriguing, the melancholic tale of its prolonged roadside abandonment casts a shadow. The bidding process has already commenced, yet the current bid (approx. $1,500) has yet to surpass the reserve price. For those enticed to experience this Vette firsthand, it awaits in York, Pennsylvania. A trailer is an essential companion due to the immobilized engine and other mechanical challenges.


Q1: What marked the significance of 1968 for the Corvette?

A1: The year 1968 was pivotal for the Corvette due to the debut of the C3 model and record-breaking sales.

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Q2: Which engine configuration was the L79, and what defined its appeal?

A2: The L79 engine, with a 327 cubic inches displacement and 350 horsepower output, struck a balance between performance and fuel efficiency.

Q3: What renders the L88 engine particularly rare and coveted?

A3: The L88 engine configuration, boasting 427 ci and 435 horsepower, is exceptionally rare, with only an estimated 80 cars equipped with this powerplant.

Q4: What aspects should be scrutinized in restoring the 1968 Corvette?

A4: While the vehicle displays a restorable exterior, a thorough examination of the undercarriage, including the floors and frame, is crucial. Furthermore, due diligence is advised to address any potential missing components in the interior.

Q5: Where is the 1968 Corvette available for inspection and purchase?

A5: The Corvette is accessible in York, Pennsylvania. Given its immobile engine and mechanical issues, potential buyers should be prepared with a trailer for transportation.

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