A Family Heirloom Emerges

A remarkable Mercury Cougar XR-7, a familial companion since its inaugural purchase in September 1972 in Oceanside, California, is now on the digital stage, in search of a new home. Having spent its entire existence with the same caring family, this XR-7 has a storied past, most of which unfolded in the shelter of a garage.

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Meticulously Maintained Through the Decades

This Cougar, purchased brand-new, became a garage resident in 1999 and remained in a state of slumber for 24 years until its recent rediscovery by an attentive nephew. The XR-7 displays signs of diligent care, although alterations, such as a fresh coat of Medium Yellow Gold paint, have been introduced over the years to rejuvenate its appearance.

Stepping Inside the Time Capsule

The interior, a testament to preservation, showcases its originality proudly. Dressed in white leather, the cabin retains its stock allure, featuring bucket seats, stereo radio, analog clock, power windows, and air conditioning. Unaltered and unspoiled, the interior encapsulates the spirit of the early ’70s.

The Heartbeat of the XR-7

The originality extends to the powerhouse beneath the hood. One of the 53,702 Cougars crafted in 1972, this XR-7 is equipped with a 351 Cleveland engine. The model year witnessed the exclusion of the 429 V8, leaving enthusiasts with three 351 options: the base unit with 166 horsepower, the four-barrel variant with 246 horsepower, and the newly introduced Cobra Jet, boasting 266 horsepower. This XR-7 boasts a two-barrel unit coupled with an automatic transmission, ensuring a smooth start, operation, and drive.

Unveiling the Imperfections

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While the XR-7 retains its charm, it’s not without its quirks. The turn signals and engine require attention, particularly during cold starts. The clock, radio, and fuel gauge also beckon for a careful touch.

A Vintage Bargain Awaits

Despite its mechanical demands, the allure of this 1972 Mercury Cougar XR-7 is available at a reasonable $16,500. The owner, understanding the nuanced world of classic car negotiations, has activated the Make Offer option, inviting potential custodians to engage in a personalized deal.

Journey to Preservation: A Californian Discovery

Located in Temecula, California, this Cougar XR-7 yearns for a considerate owner. Considering its mechanical nuances, towing might be the safer transport option, allowing the preservation of the odometer’s testimony — a mere 44,000 miles, believed to be entirely original.

FAQs: Unraveling More about the XR-7

Q1: Is the paint original on the Mercury Cougar XR-7?

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A1: While the original factory finish has been refreshed, the Medium Yellow Gold paint captures the essence of the XR-7’s heyday.

Q2: What issues need attention in the XR-7?

A2: Some repairs, including the turn signals, cold start struggles, and attention to the clock, radio, and fuel gauge, are required.

Q3: Can the XR-7 be driven immediately?

A3: Due to its repair needs, it’s advisable to tow the XR-7 home. However, the allure of its original 44,000 miles awaits an enthusiast’s touch.

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