The Chevelle SS 396: A Brief History

The Chevelle, a notable car in its own right, underwent a significant transformation with the introduction of the SS 396. This upgrade turned a routine trip to the supermarket into an exhilarating experience, making the SS 396 a standout in the Chevelle lineup.

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Sporty enhancements, such as reinforced frames, new suspension, and a hood scoop designed for aesthetics, propelled the Chevelle SS into the spotlight. These upgrades quickly established it as a compelling model within the Chevelle range.

In 1966, Chevrolet took a bold step by elevating the SS 396 from an optional package to a standalone series. However, this decision was short-lived, as in 1969, the company reversed course and reintegrated the SS 396 back into the Chevelle lineup.

 The 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 on eBay

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A 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 has surfaced on eBay, presented by the seller octanevalley. This particular model, one of the first to rejoin the Chevelle lineup in 1969, boasts a history with only two owners. Despite its intriguing past, the car exhibits signs of prolonged neglect.

Judging from the photos shared on eBay, the SS 396 seems to have spent a considerable time in a junkyard. Rust issues are prevalent, likely affecting not only the body but also the floors and trunk. A comprehensive inspection is necessary, especially considering the potential damage to the undercarriage.

The seller openly acknowledges that extensive work is needed for this project. The Chevelle SS 396, in its current state, demands attention to various aspects, including bodywork and interior restoration.

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Despite the challenges, a glimmer of hope lies under the hood. The original 400 V8 engine remains intact, although its condition is uncertain. While specifics are lacking, visual cues suggest the engine may require substantial attention. Prospective buyers are advised to bring a skilled mechanic for a thorough evaluation.

Despite its evident challenges, the Chevelle SS 396 comes with a price tag of $9,500. The Make Offer option allows potential buyers to explore alternative deals. This seemingly steep price aligns with the model’s inherent desirability, particularly when restored to its former glory.

Currently stationed in Elizabeth, New Jersey, the listing does not clarify whether the SS 396 is easily transportable. Prospective buyers should inquire about its ability to roll freely onto a trailer for convenient transport.

# FAQs

## Is the Chevelle SS 396 drivable in its current condition?
The eBay listing does not confirm the drivability of the SS 396. Potential buyers are encouraged to inquire directly about its current mobility status.

##What is the significance of the Make Offer button?
The Make Offer button enables interested parties to propose alternative prices for the Chevelle SS 396 beyond the listed $9,500. This allows for negotiation based on individual circumstances.

## Why is the Chevelle SS 396 priced at $9,500?
The pricing reflects the inherent value and desirability of the Chevelle Super Sport, even in its distressed state. Restoration potential and the presence of the original 400 V8 engine contribute to the asking price.

## How many owners has the Chevelle SS 396 had?
The eBay listing mentions that the SS 396 has had only two owners throughout its lifespan.

##  Should I bring a mechanic for inspection?
Given the extensive work required, it is advisable to bring a knowledgeable mechanic to assess the overall condition of the Chevelle SS 396, especially the engine.

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