Dodge built more than 26,000 Challengers for the 1971 model year, with the R/T variant accounting for about 3,800 units, all with a hardtop design. The R/T can be specified with one of three different large displacement engines, starting with the 4-barrel 383 (6.3 liter) and progressing to the 440 (7.2 liter) 32 barrel and 426 ( 7.0 liters) 24-barrel.

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The 426 engine mated to an automatic transmission is the rarest of these Challenger R/T models, as Dodge only produces 12 units, making it extremely difficult to find one these days. On the other hand, the type we have here is not uncommon. but it is not simple to locate. This time, the engine is a combination of 383cc V8 engine and 4-speed manual transmission, Dodge only produced 465 units for this model this year.

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So, one again, you don’t see such a Challenger every day, especially given how few of them are still thought to exist. The paint is no longer the same as what Dodge put on the body, but it is a professional job that was done at some time throughout its existence.


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