The Rarity of the Charger 500

In the realm of classic muscle cars, the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T unquestionably takes the spotlight. Yet, in today’s world, obtaining one in good condition isn’t as challenging as it may seem. With roughly 10,000 units manufactured, several of these iconic vehicles still exist, although many carry hefty price tags due to their excellent condition.

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A Glimpse at the Charger 500

However, a recent listing on eBay presents a more affordable and captivating option that might just be the next best thing for muscle car enthusiasts. While this Charger 500 doesn’t boast a flawless exterior, it’s the imperfect condition that enhances its intrigue.

Unveiling the Condition

Admittedly, this Charger 500 doesn’t exhibit a pristine appearance. It bears signs of rust in the usual areas, prompting the need for a closer inspection, ideally on a lift, to assess the extent of damage to the undersides. The floors likely require attention, and the trunk pan may demand substantial patchwork or even a full replacement, necessitating an in-person evaluation for an accurate determination.

The visual evidence, as depicted in the listing’s photographs, indeed confirms the vehicle’s rough exterior condition. However, beneath the hood lies an exciting revelation.

What Lies Under the Hood

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Powering this Charger 500 is a robust 383 2-barrel engine, entrusted with propelling the vehicle. According to the eBay seller, limo1818, this engine still runs and drives. While the engine’s origins remain unclear, the potential that it could be the original powerplant only amplifies the Charger’s allure, inching it closer to the status of an all-original survivor.

Ongoing Restoration Efforts

The journey towards restoration has already begun. The seller notes essential updates, including a newly rebuilt carburetor, a fresh fuel pump, and a replacement fuel tank. These enhancements have brought the Charger to a point where it starts, runs, and drives, although it isn’t roadworthy yet. The brakes require attention before this classic can confidently hit the public roads.

Interior Challenges and Missing Components

When it comes to the interior, expect a substantial amount of work ahead. The dashboard appears to have been modified, and the passenger’s seat is conspicuously absent. Without a firsthand examination, determining the extent of your online search for replacement parts is challenging. However, the seller has indicated that arrangements can be made to source the missing components, easing the path to a potential restoration.

The Price of Potential

Now, let’s delve into the financial aspect. As one might anticipate, this Charger 500 isn’t a budget buy, especially when considering its potential for a full restoration. While it possesses an engine – perhaps not the original – the fact that it starts, runs, and drives adds substantial value, bringing this classic muscle car one step closer to its eagerly anticipated revival.

The seller has listed the car on eBay with a $21,000 price tag. Additionally, the “Make Offer” button is active, providing room for price negotiations. It comes as no surprise that this listing has garnered considerable attention, with 75 individuals currently monitoring its status. The Charger 500 is available for in-person viewing in Placerville, California.

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Q1: Is this Charger 500 considered a rare find?

A1: While the Charger 500 isn’t as scarce as some classic muscle cars, it certainly holds a unique place in automotive history. Its relative rarity adds to its appeal.

Q2: What’s the significance of the Charger 500’s condition?

A2: The Charger’s rough exterior condition presents a compelling opportunity for enthusiasts who relish restoration projects. It allows buyers to put their personal touch on the vehicle’s revival.

Q3: What kind of restoration work has already been done?

A3: The restoration process is already underway, with essential updates including a rebuilt carburetor, a new fuel pump, and a replacement fuel tank, bringing the Charger closer to roadworthiness.

Q4: Can the missing components for the interior be sourced?

A4: Yes, the seller has mentioned that arrangements can be made to provide the buyer with the missing interior components, facilitating the restoration process.

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